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Toilet Repair and Replacement

Expert Toilet Repair & Installation in Abilene, Texas

Toilets are a necessity that can be all too easy to take for granted until they stop working. They’re simple in function, yet complicated in form, and so very needed when the time comes. Toilets are probably the one thing in your home that you can’t—or certainly don’t want to—go without.

Basic toilet repair is one of the most common things our plumbers do, but it’s a job that we take seriously. Whether your toilet isn’t flushing, doesn’t fill back up, or won’t stop running, any problem with a toilet can quickly interfere with your quality of life. Bathroom plumbing jobs can feel embarrassing or just plain gross. But never fear—at Earl’s Plumbing, we’ve got you covered. Trust us, we’ve seen it all!

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From Basic Toilet Repair to Full-Service Installation

Earl’s Plumbing stocks Kohler toilets and other quality, name-brand toilet parts in our shop. We will also install any toilet that you provide. As a courtesy, we simply ask that you inspect for damages to your toilet when you receive it. This will help prevent any unnecessary return trips or additional charges.

Our toilet installation services include:

  • Removing, hauling away, and disposing of the old toilet
  • Installation area prep (floor and toilet flange cleaning)
  • Inspecting the areas around the toilet for damage (flange, water shut-off valve, floor)
  • Supplying new toilet water supply lines (braided stainless steel) and reinforced, extra-thick wax rings
  • Assembling, installing, and setting the toilet, as well as adjusting the fill valve
  • Caulking and sealing the toilet to code requirements
  • A limited, 120-day warranty on toilets we install (180 if we supply the toilet)
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Toilet Troubles Tackled: Repair & Installation FAQs

Our toilet plumbers know just about everything there is to know about porcelain thrones of all shapes, sizes, and brands. We’re always here to answer your questions.

At Earl’s Plumbing, our basic toilet repair service includes replacing the water supply line, fill valve, and flapper. We always replace all three at the same time because we want to ensure everything is working properly when we leave. We’ve seen some DIY toilet repair kit and handyman work that’s pretty embarrassing. Those make it to our “wall of shame” in the office.

Some plumbers won’t take on toilet repair jobs, or they charge an outrageous amount hoping that you’ll go somewhere else. However, at Earl’s Plumbing, we take all plumbing jobs big and small. Even though toilets are pretty straightforward, there are some tweaks, tricks, and adjustments that we teach our plumbers to get a better outcome. Every detail matters at Earl’s!

We see some toilets with tanks in too poor a state to repair. In many cases, the rubber parts are aged to a point that they’ve totally lost elasticity. When that happens, water will leak from the tank to the floor. That’s when we might consider the next level of toilet repair, a full tank rebuild.

That said, we typically recommend a full toilet replacement before a full tank rebuild repair. This is because older toilets often don’t work with universal parts, and the labor is a lot more time-consuming. However, our plumbers will always analyze the situation and recommend what’s best for your situation.

Over 90% of toilets that leak from the base happen as a direct result of bad craftsmanship or bad materials. We typically see this happen after a bad DIY, remodel, or handyman install.

Occasionally, the problem could have started years ago at construction and just hasn’t become visible until recently. Shoddy installation work is behind the majority of repairs of this type, most commonly with the flange, closet bolts, or even the flooring area. If you’ve been the victim of sorry plumbing work in the past, that’s why we’re here!

Poor flushing power is caused by low-quality parts and materials. We usually see these problems on builder-grade toilets and big box store toilets. How do you know if your toilet is poor quality?

  • Weak flushing power
  • It takes a long time to flush the toilet or requires multiple flushes
  • The water won’t stop running after flushing
  • You experience frequent clogs

The toilet brands we see the most problems with are ProFlo, Mansfield, Gerber, Western, and Vortens. Of course, we replace other brands as well, but these are the ones our customers have the most problems with. Every single day, our team encounters problems with these toilets. Though rare, we’ve even known them to flood whole houses.

Dealing with this kind of problem goes beyond a simple repair. In fact, there’s no repair for a bad toilet. The only remedy for this kind of performance is replacement—choosing a leading, high-quality brand like American Standard or Kohler.

At Earl’s Plumbing, we recommend Kohler. Kohler toilets are high-quality, have great flushing power, and are reasonably affordable compared to other models in their range. They get major kudos from us because of their features, like slow-close seats and “AquaPiston” flush technology. Taken together, the appearance, features, and cost make them a great value.

We stock the best-selling Kohler toilet in America, among other trustworthy brands. Of course, we’re also happy to install any toilet that you have already purchased. Keep in mind, however, that it’s actually harder for us to assemble, install, and level lower-end, generic-brand toilets. While it may be cheaper upfront to purchase a low-end toilet, their inferior quality means you’re likely to end up paying more in the long run.

We don’t include water shut-off valve replacement in the cost of our basic toilet installation, but we’re happy to add it if necessary. Although it’s usually recommended that this important part be replaced, our team would never make that a requirement as some other commission-type plumbing companies do. We’re glad to leave it alone as long as it is functioning properly and doesn’t leak during normal operation.

There are only a few other situations in which we would strongly suggest that you replace the shut-off valve:

  • If your home is older than 12 years
  • If the valve is poorly designed or made with inferior materials, like plastic threads or plastic stems
  • If you have a PEX push & pull type valve

If we do this work, we’ll adjust the price at the time of installation as a convenience to you.

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“I called and left a message over the weekend to get service and they called right away in the morning to check in on us. The staff have always been courteous and so quick to contact us back and make sure that our problems are taken care of quickly. I cannot possibly praise this company enough.”

Gabriela T.

“Super happy with this company! Acted same day, explained everything to me and got it fixed. Tyler was really awesome; I can’t recommend him enough. I will definitely use this company again!”

Phillip R.

“We are always impressed by the work and professionalism of Earl’s employees. Thanks for being a company we can depend on!”

Lory T.
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Choose Earl’s Plumbing for Your Toilet Repair & Installation Needs

At Earl’s Plumbing, our team is the real deal. Trained and experienced, we’re ready for plumbing problems big and small. The majority of our plumbing jobs are completed in the same day and visit, preventing additional trip charges and fees. If you’re ready to get started with toilet repair or installation, give Earl’s Plumbing a call!

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