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How to Find a Reliable Plumber

Plumbers are really in a place of high power when it comes to our trust, privacy and security. Whether you’re looking for someone to perform routine maintenance or to completely redo a room, finding someone reliable is always going to be a high priority. But finding someone reliable and trustworthy is far from easy.

Luckily, everything plumbing is easy at Earl’s Plumbing! We have made a commitment to affordability, reliability and quality by serving homes and businesses in Frisco, Mckinney and its surrounding areas. Our professional plumbers are here for anything from emergencies to general repairs. A surefire plumber is only a call away! But if you’re trying to evaluate your plumber so that you can build better costs and trust, look for:

The Hourly Rates

While it’s always nice to get a good cost, it’s not always the best to hire the plumber with the lowest rate. Often, people assume that as long as they have a good local reputation they don’t have to worry about exceedingly low costs. But rather than relying on reputation, a good plumber will have a reliable track record and a high amount of customer satisfaction. A huge red flag is whenever the listed website doesn’t mention their customer satisfaction rates or emphasizes solely their price.

Another big red flag is whenever they don’t advertise that they charge for all working hours, as it can change your price significantly from beginning to end. Billing for all working hours would include travel times. If a plumber advertises their true working rate as including the cost of transportation, they will most likely be upfront about costs beforehand.

Research the License and Insurance

Similarly to doctors, plumbers have researchable licensing and insurance for a worst-case scenario. Checking in with your state licensing board is a great way to determine if your plumber has gone through the necessary testing.

Accreditation may not be advertised at particular local stores, but it’s extraordinarily important as there is a level of accountability for those that are licensed. Insurance will also help in case a plumber was to break something accidentally, which happens to all of us at times. Reliable plumbing contractors will be straightforward when asked about any accreditation and will usually present it in a visible place.

Choosing Independent Workers or Companies

There are a lot of different pros and cons to independent contractors and companies. Whenever you’re looking for reliability, companies have an upline that you can report to. In the event that a plumber doesn’t do their job, all you have to do is call a supervisor or manager.

However, company employees may not be as qualified as independent contractors, who often have more experience. It may also be best to go with a company for emergency situations due to more availability, but to go with independent contractors for longer-term renovation projects.

Looking For A Reliable Plumber in Frisco?

Frisco plumbing doesn’t have to be a hassle! Our plumbing specialists can service any of your repair needs, from water heaters to plumbing problems. Partnered with top-quality brands like Navien and Delta, we have quality products for installation. Call now to schedule a consultation for any of your plumbing needs.

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