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Frisco Drain Pipe Repair Services

Your home relies on a series of drain pipes to efficiently funnel water and waste to the sewer or septic system. When these pipes break, deteriorate or fail to do their jobs, you can be stuck with a real mess. That’s why you need reliable drain pipe repair services in Frisco.

Earl’s Plumbing is Frisco’s top plumbing company because we use cutting-edge technical skills and stellar customer service. When your drain pipe (or sewer line) needs repairs, we figure out the cause of the issue and recommend the best solution for your home. You can count on us to limit the damage to your home and property as much as we can, and we’ll leave your home flowing smoothly when we’re finished.

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What Causes Drain Pipe Repairs?

Sewer or drain lines are designed to withstand the elements, but they’re still vulnerable to time and deterioration. A number of things can cause your pipes to burst or break:

drain pipes
  • Clogs: If your drain pipes are clogged for a long time and not cleaned out, the pressure from the obstruction blocking the flow of water can stress the pipe. This can cause your pipes to burst.
  • Rust: Over time, the pipes are exposed to air and water, allowing rust to form. Rust weakens the pipe material and can cause leaks and breaks.
  • Poor Installation: If the pipes aren’t installed properly in the first place, they can be susceptible to more clogs and deterioration than normal.
  • Damage or Holes: Whether from the installation process or from the environment, if holes form in the pipe, it will be weaker and more prone to breaking.
  • Environmental Deterioration: Drain pipes are buried underground, surrounding them with stones, soil and temperature changes. Thermal expansion, shifting soil and other environmental events can affect the health of your pipes.

Our team can figure out the cause of your burst drain pipe and prevent it from happening again. Whether that means more frequent sewer cleanouts or installing a higher quality pipe, we’ll make sure your pipes are ready to perform after repairs are completed.

Signs Of A Broken Drain Line

Broken or burst drain lines produce similar symptoms to main drain line clogs or water leaks. Keep a careful eye out for any of these signs that may indicate the need for professional help:

  • Foul odors
  • Mold growth
  • Slow drains
  • Clogs and backups
  • Insect or rodent infestation
  • Puddled water
  • Over-saturated lawn

The presence of leaking water may be more natural and difficult to recognize as a break in the line, but sewer breaks usually come with messier symptoms. Sewage can cause some noticeable side effects — like odor — that will be hard to ignore!

Professional Drain Pipe Repairs

Having experts address your broken drain pipe is important for several reasons. First, you might not be able to tell where the broken pipe is or how severe the damage is. Our team has effective sewer cameras that can give us a clear picture of what we’re working with.

Second, drain pipes are difficult to access, requiring special tools and knowledgeable crews. Even once you know where the break is, a professional team should take care of either sealing, patching or replacing that section of pipe.

Third, repairs completed by amateurs put the health of the drainage system at risk. Our plumbers have been working on repairs like this for many years. We know exactly how to execute the repair and ensure no further complications arise in the future.

Call Earl’s for Plano Plumbing!

If you suspect that you have a drain pipe repair on your property, don’t waste time. Earl’s Plumbing is happy to come out and assess the problem. We want to avoid a major mess, and we always put out customers’ needs first. Trust us to get the job done right. Contact us today to start your service request!

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