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Kitchen Reverse Osmosis Systems

The Best Reverse Osmosis Systems for Frisco Residents

Clean, tasty, and healthy tap water is a top priority for many families and homeowners here in Frisco. The high mineral content of our water gives residents plenty of cause to consider whole-home solutions like water softeners and filtration systems, both great choices for wide-scale control of quality. But there are more targeted options available. Your kitchen is your main hub for cooking and drinking water, which makes it a perfect candidate for a reverse osmosis (RO) filtration system.

Earl’s Plumbing is committed to providing the water treatment that matches your needs best. If you’re looking for a more targeted approach to water filtration, a kitchen RO filter installation could be the answer. With pure water readily available for drinking and cooking, you can worry less about what’s coming out of your faucet and enjoy more moments gathered around the table.

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Is a Reverse Osmosis System Worth It?

Our water quality in the North Texas is considered by most standards to have a very good taste and to be only “moderately hard”.  However, many residents prefer even softer water and therefore are installing water softener systems. These systems function by using salt tablets. This adds a considerable amount of sodium to the water and even though softer water has its share of positive benefits, the added sodium from the use of a softener can have longterm negative effects if congested in large amounts over long periods of time. Therefore having a Reverse Osmosis system installed at the primary cooking and drinking water source – usually the kitchen sink – is practically an absolute must.

If the water in your home tastes unpleasant, smells odd, or has too many minerals, you’re going to be looking for a solution that will actually work. Sometimes whole-home solutions aren’t the right choice. Our team has seen many different water quality concerns, and we’ve seen the advantages that a RO system can bring to a home struggling with their water. Here are some of the benefits of installing a reverse osmosis system:

  • Better tasting water
  • Less sodium
  • 98% of dissolved solids removed
  • More eco-friendly than bottled water
  • Easy to install
  • Can fit under the kitchen sink
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Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry if you don’t remember the high school science class on osmosis. Our experts are always ready to answer your questions about your kitchen’s plumbing systems and solutions!

First, water is sent through a pre-filtration component designed to remove larger particles like dust, rust, and chlorine. These components are usually carbon or sediment filters.

Once the water has been filtered, the RO system pushes it through a membrane that allows water molecules to pass through but not contaminants. This stage removes dissolved particles that are too small to be seen even by a microscope.

The water is then collected in a storage tank until it’s full—the filtration will then shut off. When you turn the faucet, it goes through one last post-filtration component to completely purify it before drinking.

However, our bodies actually use water for far more than minerals. Hydration, organ function, and lubrication are all improved by water—even filtered water. In fact, our main source of minerals is in the food we eat. The amount of minerals you give up from drinking filtered water is microscopic. If you’re worried about your mineral intake, veggies and fruits are the easy fixes.

These are called point-of-use (POU) systems because they are located where you use them instead of in the garage or attic like other appliances.

The installation process should be completed by a professional plumber to ensure the system is ready to operate correctly. Our team knows how to install the system, reconnect plumbing, prevent leaks, and handle any installation surprises that come our way. Plus, in situations where under-sink space is an issue, garbage disposals complicate the installation, or alternate actions have to be taken, an expert is your most valuable resource.

We strongly advise choosing a system without a storage tank if possible for a multitude of reasons, including:

  • They take up a lot of space underneath your sink
  • After you use water, it takes a long time to refill the tank, and your water output is reduced while this happens
  • Filter maintenance is more difficult
  • Less efficient than tankless versions
  • Could develop bacterial growth over time

We also strongly suggest looking for and purchasing a “direct connect” system that uses mechanical (threaded) connections and full-size water lines versus the smaller diameter lines that employ a push-to-connect installation.

Once you’ve chosen the right system for your budget and needs, we will install whatever you purchase!

All RO systems have a faucet or a spout. If there is not a hole already available for that faucet, in most cases that is not a problem. Unlike most plumbers, we have the tools and expertise to core a new hole in your countertop OR create a suitable workaround.

One thing to note: do not be surprised if the installation labor cost is more than the system itself. The manufacturers sell these systems at a loss because the replacement filters are proprietary. That’s where they make their money long-term. Once you go through the hassle and cost of installation, you are then vested for the years to come.

See What Frisco is Saying About Our Kitchen Plumbing Services

“The customer service is phenomenal. The technicians are professional, incredibly polite and timely. Their prices are reasonable as well. So happy to have found this company.”

Victoria C.

“I’m typically very hesitant to call any plumbing company to inquire about services, but when I reached out to Earl’s Plumbing, the experience was extremely positive from the start. I spoke to Brant (I believe he is a manager) who was very knowledgeable, honest and was willing to have someone come out within just a couple of hours of me calling to look into the issue at my home. A few minutes before the plumber arrived, I received a text with information on the name of the plumber (with his picture) and a little info on his experience. That was a very cool touch. TJ was the plumber assigned for the job, and he was AWESOME! He was very outgoing, personable and knowledgeable. He was able to get the job done quickly and efficiently while also explaining (thoroughly) his findings. It was a great experience all around. I would definitely recommend Earl’s Plumbing to anyone and will give them a call if I ever need plumbing services in the future”


“I am very happy with the service I receive from Earl’s Plumbing, this is the second time I called them out for my plumbing issues. Both times they have been able to schedule me right away. They have a good communication system so I know when they will be here. Their techs are always professional and very polite. I will be sure to call them again.”

Mary Nichols
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Kitchen Plumbing Services for Frisco & Beyond

Whether you have questions about your reverse osmosis options or have already invested in a system and are ready to install it, Earl’s Plumbing can help. Let us do what we do best and take the stress out of your water filtration installation. We’ll have your system installed and ready to produce clean, filtered water in no time. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable customer service representative or to make a service appointment!

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