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Water Treatment

Water Softeners & Filtration Systems to Handle Frisco’s Hard Water

You do a lot to make sure your family is safe and healthy, from planning healthy meals to scrutinizing product labels for harmful substances. But the natural water that enters your home —either from the city or a well—isn’t always up to your standards. Whether you’ve noticed an unpleasant smell or taste, lingering spots on your dishes or laundry, or even effects on your skin and hair, a water softener or water filtration system can do wonders.

It’s easy to take our easy access to safe and clean drinking water at the simple turn of a tap for granted. At Earl’s Plumbing, our team can help you take control of what’s in your home’s drinking water.

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How Our Plumbers Can Improve Your Water Quality

The North Texas Municipal Water District treats water from a number of local lakes, rivers, and other water sources to direct into Frisco neighborhoods. Due to the high levels of minerals like calcium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate, iron, and lime in that water, municipal water is considered to be “moderately hard.” On top of that, your water can include thousands of potentially harmful particles, elements, and debris that are invisible to the naked eye.

Our team can test your water and recommend a system, or install any type of water treatment system you’ve already purchased, including:

  • Whole-house water filtration systems
  • Whole-house water softeners
  • Point-of-use filtration systems
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Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Earl’s Plumbing is a family business, and as such, we understand the pressure of making the best decision for your home. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about our services!

That means all the water running through your plumbing, appliances, and into your body has a high mineral count. In all likelihood, your home will be affected if you don’t have a water softener.

While minerals aren’t harmful to your health when ingested, they can have serious effects on your hair, skin, plumbing, and appliances. Signs that you might be struggling with hard water in your home include:

  • Dry or brittle hair
  • Dry, irritated, or itchy skin
  • Mineral spots on your dishes
  • Limescale buildup in your pipes and plumbing fixtures
  • Damaged laundry
  • Cloudy tap water
  • Naturally occurring bacteria in the water can cause illnesses like norovirus and salmonella, which can turn into serious health problems for the elderly and little ones.
  • Microplastics can build up in the body and cause serious damage to the body’s organs as well as affect your hair, skin, and nails.
  • Chlorine can affect the taste and smell of your home’s drinking water.
  • Pesticides can sneak into the drinking water supply of many major cities due to runoff from lawns and landscaping jobs, posing a major risk to your health.

Our team at Earl’s Plumbing doesn’t want your home plagued by these problems, and we certainly don’t want you harmed by water you think is clean. That’s why we offer the best water filtration testing and services. We care about our community!

Despite the city’s efforts to maintain a healthy standard of drinking water for the community, things do sometimes slip into the water supply. Additionally, Frisco’s level of acceptable presence of a chemical or mineral in the water may be too high for your family’s health or taste. Some chlorine present in the water is acceptable, but when it’s present at too high of a concentration, that may affect the taste of your drinking water in a negative way.
To determine the right choice for your home, just ask the certified and trained plumbers at Earl’s Plumbing for a recommendation!

  • Backwashing Filters: Backwashing filters, also called media or backwash filters, are multipurpose water treatment systems that employ a tank with some form of loose filtering material. Water flows through the tank, allowing the removal of harmful particles and chemicals. Near the end of the filtration cycle, the water is pushed in the opposite direction.
  • Cartridge Filters: Cartridge filtration systems utilize one or more filter cartridges to remove specific contaminants based on the needs of your home. Typically, cartridges require replacement every 6 to 12 months. This is because captured contaminants accumulate over time, and can cause problems if not removed promptly.
  • Carbon-Based Filters: An economical and low-maintenance water filtration option is the carbon-based filter, which removes harmful particles from the water by absorbing them. The activated carbon in the system attracts and holds onto the contaminants. These filters are particularly effective at removing chlorine from your home’s water supply. Another benefit is that you can install them alongside other point-of-entry (POE) filters.

See What Frisco is Saying About Our Plumbing Services

“I highly recommend Earl’s Plumbing! Best crew and company in North Texas. They have serviced my personal residence and many of my rental homes. They have always been respectful of my time and very professional. They explain the problem and solution and allow me to make the decision prior to committing to the work. If you need a great company for your plumbing needs call Earl’s”

Todd G

“We have been customers for about 4 years. The plumbers have replaced our water heater to a tankless variety, fixed a valve in our shower, replaced a failing toilet ring and replaced an outside spigot. Each interaction has been with well qualified, polite, and efficient employees. Grateful to have their number in my contacts!”

Susan B.

“I was a non-paying customer and they still gave me excellent service. My downstairs neighbor hired Earl’s to inspect a water leak, and they found that the problem was my A/C condensation line draining into our condo wall. Not only did the guy take the time to explain what was happening to my confused liberal arts major self, but he did the same to the A/C guy. And when the A/C guy got defensive and combative, he endured the abuse and calmly explained how the A/C guy was incorrect and what I should do about it. Even though I didn’t hire him, the tech from Earl’s still treated me better than the people I paid thousands to give me a mold problem. They’ve earned my service should I ever have plumbing issues.”

Justin S
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Give Your Family the Gift of Pure Water in Frisco

When it comes to your family’s health and safety, you deserve a plumbing company that puts your best interests at heart. We have experience installing a number of leading water filtration and water softener brands, and we’re happy to make recommendations based on your home’s water quality, your budget, and your concerns. Give us a call to ask questions or schedule a service today!

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