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McKinney Slab Leak Plumbing

McKinney’s Go-To Slab Leak Plumbers

When a slab leak snakes its way beneath the very foundation of your home, the calm of your sanctuary can be quickly shattered. Left undetected, this silent menace can gradually erode your sense of comfort and security by weakening water pressure and allowing dampness to seep into the air, which can cast a shadow of costly repairs.

Finding and fixing the leak as quickly as possible is crucial to the health of your home. That’s where Earl’s slab leak plumbers come into play, using their expertise to find the source of the leak and working diligently to repair it.

We understand how disruptive a slab leak can be on your daily life, which is why we’ve invested over $10,000 in state-of-the-art water leak detection and location equipment so we can swiftly pinpoint the source of the problem and restore normalcy to your home. There’s no need to endure weeks of uncertainty, watching as the damage mounts. Contact us today to learn more about our services and request your estimate today!

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Slab Leak Detection McKinney: We’ve Seen It All

When faced with a slab leak, many homeowners find themselves overwhelmed, not only by the complexity of the repair but also by the prospect of hefty expenses. Some plumbing companies, eager to capitalize on this vulnerability, specialize solely in slab leak fixes, much like the ambulance-chasing personal injury lawyers of the plumbing world. They may claim to be experts, but specialization doesn’t guarantee competence.

At Earl’s Plumbing, we believe in honesty and transparency. We’re not afraid to call it as we see it, and we’ve seen it all when it comes to slab and plumbing leaks. We’re here to address your concerns, provide clear information, and prepare you for what to expect before you call us.

Please review the information below so you feel empowered to make informed decisions about your plumbing needs. And remember, not all slab leak plumbers are created equal. Choosing our services means gaining an unwavering guide through the maze of slab leak issues.

McKinney’s Frequently Asked Questions: Slab Leak Detection, Repair, Testing, And More

With over 50 years of experience, Earl’s Plumbing knows a thing or two about slab leaks. From detection and repair to testing and more, we’re here to answer your most common questions and prepare you for what to expect when you call.

To find out if you have coverage, what you need to ask your insurance company before you have any foundation or structural-related issues is: “Does my homeowner’s insurance policy have the required endorsement for coverage of slab and foundation-related damages caused by water leaks from both water lines and sewer breaks?”

Surprisingly, about 35-40% of the homeowners that we work for do not have this important policy endorsement. In most cases, you can call and have the endorsement added for less than $80 per year. This could cover tens of thousands of dollars in excavation or what they call “access work.” Interior home damage to flooring or furnishings may be covered by your regular homeowner’s policy. But it does not cover the “access to” or “the repair of” the broken pipe (water line or sewer line).

And that’s just for the plumbing work itself. Without the right endorsement or coverage from your homeowner’s insurance policy, this repair could be an out-of-pocket expense. 

The obvious signs of a leak are water coming up through your floor, from a wall, or under a cabinet. But there are other, more common signs and symptoms that may help you identify a slab leak or some other kind of structural leak, such as:

  • A considerable jump in your water usage and water bill
  • A hot spot on the floor (most slab leaks occur on the hot side water lines)
  • Running water sounds which can present as faint, hissing, or spraying sounds
  • If your water meter dial is registering usage, but you aren’t using any fixtures

Aging pipes, shifting soil, or corrosion are contributing factors to this type of plumbing issue. And since they can go unnoticed, they often lead to water damage and an increase in your water bill. If you notice damp carpets or a sudden spike in your water bill, it’s time to call Earl’s Plumbing.

  • Visual inspection: We’ll examine areas that are accessible, searching for signs of leaks like water stains or dampness.
  • Acoustic listening devices: We’ll employ specialized microphones placed on the slab to detect sounds of water flow.
  • Infrared cameras: We’ll utilize cameras designed to identify temperature changes in the slab, which can indicate the location of the leak. 
  • Pressure testing: We’ll isolate sections of the plumbing system and pressurize them, then monitor for pressure drops that could suggest a leak.
  • Slab penetrating techniques: This includes drilling holes into the slab to access and examine the pipes directly, usually as a last resort.
  • Main water shut-off valve: Every single home has this valve in place. This should be working and easily accessible—it is specifically designed for the homeowner to access in case of an emergency. Depending on the city in which you live and the age of the home, your main shut-off valve should be located in one of the following places: Flower beds, flower bed valve boxes, garage or utility rooms, and main water manifold closet.
  • Irrigation double-check valve: This valve is usually in a valve box near the street and/or the main water meter. The lid is usually green and rectangular and measures about 12” x 17”. This valve must be in good working order because it has two shut-off valves (sometimes three) that allow us to isolate the irrigation system from the main water supply. “Isolating” allows us to ensure that the potential water leak is not on the irrigation side of the system. 
  • Water heater shut-off valve: This valve shuts off the water going to the water heater(s). It is usually easily accessed but not always functioning. And if it is an older multi-turn gate valve (defined above), then the likelihood of it completely shutting the water off is remote. It will slow the water down in the case of an emergency water heater rupture, but it will not allow us to fully isolate to test for a slab leak.
  • Toilet supply shut-off valve: Commonly referred to as an “angle stop,” we have seen a lot of plumbing situations where houses have been flooded because they cannot get the toilet to stop running and the shut-off valve does not work. If the toilet is leaking through, this shut-off either needs to fully operate or the guts in the toilet need to be replaced—possibly both.
  • Hose spigot or hose bib: This valve is located outside of your home and is what you connect your water hose to. For testing purposes, this must be free of leaks or drips both when off and when on. The reason for this is that at least one hose spigot must be properly functioning for us to attach our pressure gauges to the domestic water supply system.

We need to rule out all other leak possibilities that are far less costly to repair. This is done by isolating and narrowing the scope along with a multiple-system pressure test. 

Once the points have been identified, a frequency transmitter is attached to the water lines. It produces a specific frequency that another locator device senses and detects. The readings allow us to create a “blue tape map” of the water lines on the floors.

These three time-tested repair processes are the only methods we know that definitively address and permanently resolve slab leaks. 

In order of commonality and prevalence, these are:

  • Tunnel excavation to point of leak
  • Concrete slab penetration and excavation
  • Water line reroute 

See Our Slab Leak Plumbers’ Raving Reviews

“Can’t say enough good things about Earl’s Plumbing. As a realtor I am always looking for vendors that are prompt, clean, and do great work, but don’t try to upcharge you. I was impressed with Scottie who came out and his helper who worked quickly to solve my issue. I will use them again for my clients’ homes.”

John Wendell

“Scottie Blake did an amazing job! I was very impressed that they had both a faucet & disposal on their truck. They were able to professionally & meticulously install both within an hour! I will be using them again to replace my toilets.”

Karen Goudie

“The service was outstanding! The two young gentlemen were prompt, very knowledgeable, courteous and did an outstanding job! They repaired our toilet and even noticed that the shutoff valve needed to be replaced. They explained exactly what they were doing and why. My wife and I were both very pleased and we definitely will use Earl’s Plumbing and recommend them to others. What started out as a bad experience turned out to be a pleasant experience. Thanks so much!”

James T.
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Choose Earl’s Expert Slab Leak Plumbers Today

With Earl’s, you’re not just getting a plumbing service; you’re gaining a trusted ally in the battle against slab leaks. We’ll work tirelessly to identify the source of your plumbing issues, formulate a strategic plan to eradicate it and restore your home to its former glory.

We know that prompt action is crucial, and we’re committed to alleviating your anxiety as quickly as possible. And unlike those who rely on third-party providers, we take complete control, dispatching our expert slab leak plumbers to your aid without a moment’s hesitation. Don’t let slab leaks disrupt your life—contact us today, and let us put our skills to work for you!

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