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McKinney PRV Valve Replacement

McKinney’s PRV Valve Replacement Experts

Your home’s plumbing system is a complex network, intricately connected to ensure the smooth flow of water throughout. At its core lies a crucial but often overlooked component: the pressure reducing valve (PRV). From protecting your pipes, appliances, and even your wallet, this device plays a vital role in safeguarding your home by regulating incoming water pressure to a safe and manageable level.

But not every tool is meant to last forever. PRVs have a limited life expectancy, and over time, they can fall victim to wear and tear, hindering their effectiveness and causing a slew of plumbing issues, from inconsistent water flow to leaks lurking beneath your property’s foundation.

Don’t wait for your water pressure to worsen—take proactive action and call Earl’s Plumbing today. We offer comprehensive PRV inspections, repairs, and replacements to ensure your home’s water pressure remains top-tier and reliable for years to come.

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If you’re in Plano, Frisco, McKinney, or surrounding communities, give us a call today.

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Does My Home Have a PRV?

PRVs can be found in the vast majority of homes built in McKinney, as well as Frisco, Little Elm, Prosper, and in both Collin and Denton County North Texas suburbs. In contrast, it’s very rare to find a PRV in Allen, Carrollton, Lewisville, The Colony, and even in some of the smaller surrounding communities.

If you’re experiencing erratic water pressure and are unsure whether your home has a PRV, reach out to Earl’s Plumbing today. Our experienced and licensed plumbers have the expertise to conduct a thorough inspection and identify the source of your water pressure troubles. Remember, early detection and expert intervention can save you costly repairs and frustration down the line.

PRV Frequently Asked Questions: Earl’s Has the Answers

At Earl’s Plumbing, we strive to be the most knowledgeable plumbers in McKinney, TX. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions, giving you the answers you need to understand your PRV’s complexities and if Earl’s services are right for you. If you don’t see your question below, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

There are two reasons McKinney increases water pressure: To serve homes with larger square footage and to ensure residents/businesses don’t experience a noticeable pressure decrease during times of high demand. Normal or ideal water pressure is usually around 75-80 PSI. Anything above 85 PSI is too much pressure for your house to handle.

The double cleanouts are two white pipes sticking up and out of the flower bed. They allow plumbers easy access to your main sewer line going under the home and to the street.

In an attempt to avoid additional digging, most of the new construction plumbers would often install the main water line in that same excavated trench. Sometimes, we have to use locating equipment to find these buried water lines and then exploratory digging to find the PRV (and shut off the flow).

Around 2014-2015, new home builders began to relocate PRVs into garages, utility closets, and sometimes laundry rooms. But by 2016-2017, builders stopped installing these two important devices outside altogether.

In homes being constructed today, the PRV and shut-off valve can be found inside the wall behind an access panel, making everything very accessible. This is important as your PRV requires yearly adjustments, and in the event of an emergency water leak, you will need to get to your home’s pressure reducing valve immediately and easily.

The life of your home’s PRV will be largely dependent on environmental factors. This means if the valve box that encases the PRV is packed and buried with years of dirt and grime, then its function will be severely limited. 

A pressure reducing valve can fail in several ways. At Earl’s, we can conduct several simple tests to be conclusive, though we can often diagnose this issue over the phone and then validate it upon arrival for the service call. Below are some of the most common reasons why a PRV might fail:

  • Low water pressure
  • Water pipe noises
  • Mystery water leak
  • Continuous or constant leaks & drips
  • Collapsed PRV/collapsed value

Having or installing a PRV creates a “closed system.” To avoid any confusion with technical jargon, just know that this code requirement first started in 2017, and thermal expansion tanks became required to be installed alongside a storage tank hot water heater. Moreover, if you have a traditional storage-tank water heater or even several, you must also have an expansion tank. It’s also important to note that an expansion tank is NOT a requirement if your home has a tankless water heater.

Because a thermal expansion tank has a limited life expectancy, around 5 to 7 years, it must be replaced periodically. We also need to inspect the age and condition of your water heater. Typically, if your water heater is more than 12 years old, Earl’s will not be able to add the expansion tank without replacing the water heater. This is to ensure we avoid any major risks to damaging your property.

Typically, we quote these jobs over the phone with some price ranges built in for the unexpected. We’ll ask you several questions about your home, then create a quote based on your replies, along with our experience in McKinney neighborhoods.

McKinney Loves Earl’s PRV Service

“I am very happy with the service I receive from Earl’s Plumbing, this is the second time I called them out for my plumbing issues. Both times they have been able to schedule me right away. They have a good communication system so I know when they will be here. Their techs are always professional and very polite. I will be sure to call them again.”

Mary Nichols

“We had two different plumbing companies separately work on the tub (no water running) and sink (water won’t drain) issues. Each plumbing company charged us $$$ and did not fix the issue. We called a third company; T.J. assured us they would figure out and resolve the issue. T.J. sent out Scotty and Alex from Earl’s Plumbing the same day within 2 hours AND they fixed both issues and could tell we were concerned so they explained the real issue and through laughter lightened the concern. Scotty and Alex are awesome and valuable so we gave them five stars. Signed, grateful customers.”

C Mac

“Earl’s was great. I had an issue Saturday evening and I spoke with Brant, one of the owners of the company. He didn’t have anyone available so he came himself to stop the immediate problem. He then scheduled someone to come out and fix my problems on the following Tuesday because I wasn’t able to be here Monday. I appreciate the great customer service and the great job they did to fix my problems. I feel like their work was spectacular compared to what the previous plumber had done. They have gained a customer for life. Thank you Brant and your team.”

Jason S
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Schedule Your PRV Inspection & Get Your Free Estimate Today

Experiencing low water pressure or unexplained leaks? Protect your home with swift, expert PRV repair from Earl’s Plumbing. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate, and let’s optimize your water flow together. If we can’t give you an accurate diagnosis over the phone, we’ll arrive as soon as we can to get to the bottom of your PRV issue. With our extensive local knowledge and expertise, you can trust Earl’s to restore normalcy and peace of mind.

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