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Earl’s Plumbing Provides Commercial Toilet Clogs and Repair

Public restrooms are a modern necessity that almost no one enjoys thinking or talking about. But everyone uses the restroom, right? A reliable, clean and efficient commercial toilet is a must-have for your North Texas business. Also referred to as flushometer-valve toilets, these commodes are found in the majority of public restrooms.

If your commercial-grade toilet is in need of repair or has formed a clog, waiting for services can put a damper on your business. From inconvenient ‘out of order’ signs to unsightly leaks and hazardous clogs, your business needs dependable, fast plumbing solutions. For reliable commercial toilet repair and unclogging in Frisco, McKinney and surrounding areas, reach out to Earl’s Plumbing.

Dependable Plumbing Services in Plano, TX

Our team of professional plumbers is here for all types of Texas businesses. From small operations to big brand companies, there’s no job too big or too small for Earl’s Plumbing. Whether you have one commercial commode or multiple restrooms in need of repair, you can rely on our team to provide top-quality services.

We understand the ins and outs of plumbing equipment, industry materials and sewer lines, so when you work with us, you can trust you’re getting the best service in the area. At Earl’s Plumbing, we never cut corners – instead, we work hard until the job’s done right. Schedule a toilet repair or unclogging for your Frisco, Allen or other North Texas business today!


What Sets Commercial Toilet Repair + Clogs Apart?

When it comes to toilet repairs, thorough service isn’t one-size-fits-all. In fact, with so many toilet models, designs and styles on the market, toilets themselves aren’t even built the same. You need a team that understands the industry to provide you with prompt, long-lasting toilet repairs.

The first thing that sets commercial toilets apart is how they’re built in comparison to residential toilets. Commercial toilets flush better because they don’t have a tank on the back. Instead, they have a pipe tied directly into a water supply line to flush and refill the bowl. Another element that sets commercial toilets apart is high traffic use – residential toilets don’t have to perform for nearly the number of visitors that use a commercial commode.

Common Commercial Toilet Repairs

Understanding what could be or is happening to your commercial toilet doesn’t make the problem go away. Once you’ve identified the issue or your toilet isn’t performing as it should, schedule a repair right away. Here are some of the commercial toilet problems our team can fix for your Frisco business:

Frequent Clogging – We can use a drain snake or a sewer auger to clear your commercial toilet. Don’t settle for temporary solutions. Instead, eliminate toilet blockages completely with help from our team.

Worn Out Or Leaking Handle Assembly – With daily, repeated use, your commercial toilet handle – or flushometer valve – has a short lifespan. Our plumbers can repair or replace your toilet’s assembly to return your flush to its former glory.

Damaged Relief Valve – Keep your commercial toilet flushing reliably with long-lasting elements from our team. We can replace your toilet’s relief valve to control the flow of water with every flush.

Low-Pressure Flushing – Send your waste where it belongs with an efficient, dependable flush. Our team can adjust the power of your commercial toilet’s flush with tweaks to the mechanism inside the valve body.

Leaking Underneath – Maintain a clean, safe restroom for your visitors, employees and clients. We can repair commercial toilet leaks to keep your restroom safe and comfortable.

Lazy Flushing Or Phantom Flushing – Despite its name, a phantom flush is not a full flush, but rather the toilet leaking into the bowl. Our plumbers can replace damaged flush valves and other elements to restore your commercial toilets.

Continuous Draining – A toilet that constantly runs or drains is a huge waste of water and increases your utility bills. Let the professionals at Earl’s Plumbing repair your commercial toilet to restore your peace of mind and save you money.

If you’re in need of commercial toilet repairs in Frisco, McKinney and surrounding areas, reach out to the team at Earl’s Plumbing.

Long-Lasting Services From Earl’s Plumbing

The restrooms in your building are an important part of your business – after all, everyone uses the toilet. Make sure your commercial toilets are running as they should with services from our team. Don’t let clogs, breakdowns and leaks take your commodes out of commission.

Our plumbers are efficient, professional and hard-working. Let the Earl’s Plumbing team repair your toilet’s damage and keep your restroom functioning as it should. We’re here for our North Texas customers, so to schedule your service, contact us today.

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