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What is Flushable And What Is Not?

We depend on our toilets every single day, and there’s not exactly a lot of room for delays or surprises when nature calls! Unfortunately, nearly every homeowner has probably experienced an overflowing toilet due to a mystery clog. Is it toilet paper? Is it a toy race car? What could be the cause?

Luckily, Earl’s Plumbing is here to flush the myths. Our master plumbers have unclogged more toilets than you can dream of. We have extensive experience dislodging clogged pipes, and we can tell you that you might be surprised by the most common culprits! If you need toilet repairs or unclogging, schedule services today. Otherwise, read on to learn some unflushable items that are commonly sent down the toilet.

Hygiene Products

We get it! If you use it in the bathroom, it can be flushed down the toilet, right? No! There are many hygiene products that are not designed to break down in the water, causing them to absorb water, remain whole and/or cause big problems in the plumbing and septic systems. The pipe transporting waste from your toilet to the larger sewage system is only about three or four inches wide — that’s not very big when you imagine stuffing a lot of paper or products that will balloon up when in contact with water!

Here are some of the products that cause clogged pipes and should NEVER go down the toilet:

  • Diapers
  • Paper towels and tissues
  • Q-tips and cotton pads
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Baby wipes

We know that some cleansing wipes are labeled “flushable”. As expert plumbers in Frisco who have cleared toilets of all kinds of clogs, we can tell you these wipes are NOT flushable. They’re simply not built like toilet paper. All of these items can wreak havoc on your plumbing system and give you massive headaches. The only real flushable waste is toilet paper. Try to regulate what hygiene products go down your toilet!

Organic Materials

If the problem is that water doesn’t break down the products listed above, then anything organic should be totally fine, right? This is where many homeowners can get themselves in trouble. Just because a substance will eventually break down doesn’t mean it’s meant to go down the toilet. Here are some organic materials that shouldn’t be flushed:

  • Food
  • Hair
  • Fish (yes, fish)

These materials can clog up your pipes, even if they’re biodegradable. If it’s not toilet paper, it’s not flushable, and it needs to go into the trash can (or be given a traditional burial).

Harsh Liquids

Any liquid that is highly acidic is extremely dangerous for your plumbing. We advise against pouring cooking grease down kitchen sinks, and toilets are no different. For whatever reason, you should NEVER pour grease down your toilet. Grease needs to be soaked up by paper towels or allowed to congeal before throwing it in the trash can.

Another harmful liquid is bleach. It may be in many household cleaners, but bleach is very toxic for your plumbing and septic systems! The same qualities that make bleach the perfect stain remover also eat away at your pipes and can completely wreck the natural balance inside your septic system. We suggest trying vinegar for any tough stains instead of bleach-based cleaners.

Professional Plumbing Team In Frisco

If you’re dealing with frequently clogged toilets or are trying to prevent a severe clog, we can help. Earl’s Plumbing has the experience, speed and judgment-free technicians to make this process easy for you. To learn more information or to schedule a toilet unclogging appointment, give us a call!

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