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Allen Slab Leak Plumbing

Go-To Slab Leak Plumbers in Allen, Texas

Beneath your Allen, Texas, home, a silent threat may linger: a slab leak. This unseen hazard, if left unaddressed, can wreak havoc, causing a range of plumbing issues from weakened water pressure to foundational damage.

Finding and fixing the leak as quickly as possible is crucial to the health of your home, and that’s where Earl’s expert slab leak plumbers step in, locating and fixing sudden slab leaks with ease. We wield the latest technology to hunt down these leaks, pinpointing their location with precision. No guesswork—just swift, decisive action to safeguard your home and peace of mind.

Don’t let a stealthy drip damage your Allen home; seek solace with Earl’s Plumbing. In a single, stress-free consultation, we’ll assess the situation, formulate a plan, and secure your foundation for the years ahead. Contact us today to get your estimate.

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Slab Leak Detection Allen, Texas: We’ve Seen It All

When a slab leak makes its presence known, anxieties rise like floodwaters. The complexity of the repair and the potential for sky-high costs is enough to overwhelm any homeowner. At Earl’s Plumbing, we’ve seen the full spectrum of slab and plumbing leaks and possess the experience to tackle them head-on. Before you call, we want you informed, prepared, and empowered to make the best decision for your plumbing needs. So, let’s break it down.

Review the information below to understand slab leaks, their costs, and what to expect. And remember: not all slab leak services are created equal. Choosing Earl’s means gaining a trusted partner through this confusing process. We’ll walk you through every step, demystifying the process and answering all your questions. Your peace of mind matters to us, and we aim to guide you from initial concerns to successful repair and a restored home.

Allen, Texas, Frequently Asked Questions: Slab Leak Detection, Repair, Testing, And More

With over 50 years of experience, Earl’s Plumbing knows a thing or two about slab leaks. From detection and repair to testing and more, we’re here to answer your most common questions and prepare you for what to expect when you call.

Before cracks in your floor or dampness in the air appears, take a proactive approach and contact your insurance company to see if you have coverage. Ask, “Does my policy include an endorsement for slab and foundation-related damages due to water leaks, including both water lines and sewer breaks?”

It’s a question many don’t even know to ask, yet our experience reveals a surprising statistic: 35-40% of homeowners lack this vital coverage. But there’s good news: this coverage is affordable. For roughly $80 per year, you can gain peace of mind, potentially saving tens of thousands later in excavation costs, often referred to as “access work.”

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that those figures are just for the plumbing work itself. Without the right endorsement or coverage from your homeowner’s insurance policy, this repair could end up being a significant out-of-pocket expense.

More common signs and symptoms that may help your identify a slab leak include:

  • An increase in water usage and a high water bill
  • A warm spot on the floor
  • If your water dial is registering usage, but you aren’t using any fixtures
  • Running water sounds which can present as faint, hissing, or spraying sounds

Often, they are caused by aging pipes, shifting soil, or corrosion, and since they go unnoticed, they can cause water damage, thus increasing your monthly water bill. If you notice a sudden spike in your utility bill or even damp carpets, it’s time to call in Earl’s expert slab leak plumbers.

This includes:

  • Visual inspection: We’ll examine areas that are accessible, searching for signs of leaks like water stains or dampness.
  • Acoustic listening devices: We’ll employ specialized microphones placed on the slab to detect sounds of water flow.
  • Infrared cameras: We’ll utilize cameras designed to identify temperature changes in the slab, which can indicate the location of the leak.
  • Pressure testing: We’ll isolate sections of the plumbing system and pressurize them, then monitor for pressure drops that could suggest a leak.
  • Slab penetrating techniques: Usually as a last resort, this includes drilling holes into the slab to access and examine the pipes directly, usually as a last resort.

Below is a list of these valves in order of importance.

  • Main water shut-off valve: Depending on the age of your home and the city you live in, this valve will be located in either the flower beds, flower bed valve boxes, garage or utility rooms, and main water manifold closet.
  • Irrigation double-check valve: Generally located in a valve box near the street or main water meter, the irrigation double-check valve must be in good working order for us to isolate the irrigation system from the main water supply. This allows us to ensure that the potential leak is not on the irrigation side of the system.
  • Water heater shut-off valve: As the name suggests, this value shuts off the water to the water heater(s). It will slow the water down in the event of an emergency water heater rupture, but it will not allow us to fully isolate to test for a slab leak.
  • Toilet supply shut-off valve: Referred to as an “angle stop,” this valve needs to fully operate or the guts in the toilet need to be replaced. This is a common issue we see in Allen, Texas, where homes have flooded as they can’t get the toilet to stop running and the shut-off valve will not work.
  • Hose spigot or hose bib: Located outside of your home, this valve is what you connect your home’s water hose to. This valve must be free of leaks or drips when on and off for testing purposes so that we can attach our pressure gauges to the domestic water supply system.

Once these points are determined, a frequency transmitter is attached to the water lines where it produces a specific frequency that another locator device senses and detects. These readings allow us to create a blue tape map of the water lines on your floors.

We do repairs in three ways, all of which are dependent upon the unique situation and the location of the leak. Our time-tested repair processes are the only methods we know that definitively address and permanently resolve slab leaks.

The following methods are in order of commonality and prevalence:

  • Tunnel excavation to the point of leak
  • Concrete slab penetration and excavation
  • Water line reroute

Allen, Texas, Loves Earl’s Slab Leak Plumbers

“My builder’s garbage disposal went out after 6.5 years. I decided to contact Earl’s Plumbing and have them replace it. Scott was my technician and contact person. Scott arrived on time, and within 20 minutes he removed the old disposal, installed the new one, and ran a few tests to ensure it was working properly. The price was under $400 which is a great price. I would def give these people a call if you have disposal needs or other plumbing needs.”

Sebastian Nosrati

“Great experience with Earl’s plumbing. They were quick to respond and repair a leaking water heater copper line. Very professional and left me feeling I was valued as a customer. I will recommend them to my family and friends and certainly know whom to call for my plumbing needs in the future. TJ and his associate were nothing short of awesome.”

Chris G.

“On Time, friendly, informative, professional! What more can you ask for? On top of that, the Price was as quoted. No one tried to up-sale me and there was a follow up call a few days later, to check if everything was OK. A great experience all around. I will definitely call Earl’s Plumbing again when I need a Plumber!”

Rudi H.
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Choose Earl’s Expert Slab Leak Plumbers Today

Don’t let a hidden slab leak erode your peace of mind. When uncertainty and water damage threaten your home, Earl’s Plumbing stands ready with decisive action and immediate solutions. Our in-house team of expert slab leak plumbers will arrive promptly, equipped with over $10,000 in cutting-edge technology to pinpoint the problem quickly and with accuracy. Contact us today for an estimate and let our skilled professionals put their dedication to work for you.

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