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It would be understandable to assume that your options for water heating technologies are fairly limited. Most of us grew up with a standard natural gas tank water heater stashed away somewhere in a garage or closet.

Tankless water heaters are an on-demand, energy-efficient water heating system that forgoes the use of a large tank by heating water as needed. There are many benefits to upgrading to a tankless water heating system, and the folks here at Earl’s Plumbing want to make sure that our customers are equipped with all of the knowledge and information possible so that they can make the best decision regarding their water heating needs.

We’re proud to specialize in installing Bradford White tankless water heaters but are fully equipped and qualified to work on and install any and all brands. What matters to us is customer satisfaction and we are always willing to go above and beyond to provide the best tankless water heater services.

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Pros & Cons Of Going Tankless


Here at Earl’s Plumbing, it’s our opinion that generally the pros of switching to a tankless water heater far outweigh the cons. There are, however, several factors to consider when thinking about switching. Some of the immediate benefits you can expect from utilizing a tankless hot water heater are:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Instant hot water
  • Unlimited hot water
  • Smaller physical footprint than traditional units
  • Longer lifespan than traditional units
  • Less maintenance

Is Tankless Hot Water More Efficient? 

A lot of marketing for tankless water heaters boasts the units to be “more efficient” than traditional heaters, but is that true? The answer is, yes!

Tankless water heaters have the obvious advantage of requiring less space due to not needing a tank. They can also save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year in energy savings because only heating water as needed is more efficient overall.


The largest and most obvious drawback to a tankless hot water heater is the higher initial cost of installation. While a tankless unit might make up for the initial cost in the form of lower utility bills and a longer life span, we understand that this higher upfront cost isn’t a viable expense for every situation. The rest of the negatives associated with tankless hot water heaters aren’t exactly “negatives” as much as they are quirks of how tankless heaters function comparable to a traditional water heater being forced to rely on a limited supply of water.

Aside from the high installation cost, a few of these drawbacks include:

  • Less efficient at providing hot water to multiple sources
  • Water can sometimes take longer to initially heat up
  • Cold water in the line could become sandwiched between two segments of hot water, leading to a random moment of cold water
  • Hard to achieve lukewarm water

As you can see, there are no real life-altering drawbacks to using a tankless hot water heater. In most average residential situations, a tankless hot water heater can provide a household with an unlimited supply of hot water while saving homeowners physical space and money.

Get Rid Of The Tank With Earl’s Plumbing!

Earl’s Plumbing is a family-owned, veteran-operated company that is committed to providing the highest quality San Angelo tankless water heater replacement possible. For the last 50 years, we’ve happily served close to 4,500 customers and have done each job with the exact same care and consistency.

We strive to provide our customers with the knowledge and resources so that they can take total control of their plumbing situation. If you feel like you might benefit from upgrading to a tankless hot water heater or need your current unit repaired, don’t hesitate to call Earl’s Plumbing today!

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