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How Often Should A Garbage Disposal Be Replaced?

Are you facing issues with your garbage disposal and wondering if it’s time to replace it?

At Earl’s Plumbing, we make it our goal to help you with all of your drainage problems and keep your appliances in tip-top condition! Our trained technicians have the skills and experience to repair your unit if it’s not functioning properly. But sometimes a garbage disposal replacement is just more beneficial. We prioritize honesty when it comes to providing you with the best options, making sure to take your needs and preferences into consideration.

Clogged or broken garbage disposals are common in the world of kitchen plumbing, but a durable appliance can last a long time if it is used well. Garbage disposals should last between 8 and 15 years before a replacement becomes the most practical option, but sometimes it is hard to tell if repairs are worth the hassle.

If you’re ready to find out what your appliance needs, contact us over at Earl’s Plumbing! We offer incredible service from some of the leading experts in the industry, so don’t be afraid to schedule a maintenance appointment today!

What Causes Garbage Disposal Problems?

Most issues with your garbage disposal stem from food-related items that are not meant to be ground up by a machine. If your appliance begins making strangely loud grinding noises, this usually means the blades in your system are fighting against something that doesn’t belong in your sink. A clog can form after things such as grease, coffee grounds or peels enter your disposal.

Leaks are another common problem for garbage disposals, usually caused by watertight seals shifting unexpectedly or wearing out. At Earl’s Plumbing, our staff knows where to look for leaks and how to reseal problem areas quickly and efficiently.

Replace Or Repair: How Do You Know Which To Choose?

Needs Replacement

If your disposal is struggling and has been running for over a decade, a replacement is usually the best option. An old disposal may not perform well after a long period of time and has a higher risk of breaking down or springing a leak.

Needs Repair

Garbage disposals are powerful and fast, but if you notice a lack of intensity while using your appliance it may mean you’re due for some repairs. The blades in your disposal can become dull over time and should be sharpened or replaced when necessary.

Practical Ways To Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Fight The Stink

Food waste can build up in your disposal and stink up a storm. You can fight against foul odors by mixing up a solution made from baking soda, vinegar and hot water to wash away substances stuck in your disposal.

Rinse Regularly

Rinsing your appliance with boiling water can also help rid your disposal of food particles blocking the piping.

Inspect Often

Shining a light down your sink every so often to check for blockages is another healthy habit to keep your disposal in good condition.

Contact Us At Earl’s Plumbing Today

At Earl’s Plumbing, we’re eager to help your kitchen function as effectively as possible. Servicing your garbage disposal is just another part of that process, so don’t be afraid to set up an appointment with us soon. Contact us for repairs, replacements, installations and more today!

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