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5 Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Whether you’re an established homeowner or a first-time apartment renter, plumbing is a part of life. At Earl’s Plumbing, we know that stuff happens! Having these essential tools on hand can make any plumbing emergency go down smoothly.

We hope that you’ll never need these tools, but they’re life-changing if you do! And if you can’t fix your plumbing emergency on your own, give your trusty plumber a call.

Toilet Plunger (Flange)

The most common plumbing issue people face is a clogged toilet. Along with being the most common issue, clogs are also the easiest to resolve at home! As long as you use the correct plunger, that is. A flange plunger should have flared tiers in order to fit properly within a toilet’s drain.

Sink Plunger (Cup)

Sink clogs are like the clogged toilet’s little cousin. They’re related, but also different. For the less intimidating sink and tub clogs, you will need a traditional cup plunger. Try to pick one with sturdy rubber and a stout handle for maximum efficiency.

Wrench Set

Even though one wrench might seem like it would be enough, we actually recommend three types! First off, you’ll need a pipe wrench to wrestle with any pipe fittings. Then, adjustable wrenches are a staple in any home, and they’ll be handy for plumbing fixes, too. Finally, a strap wrench will help you avoid damaging the exterior of any low-to-moderate pressure pipes.

Plumbing Snake or Drain Auger

Whether it’s food or hair, drain clogs are a pain. The best way to fix them is with a trusty drain snake! A traditional plumbing snake is usually a long, thin cable reaching deep into pipes to break up debris. A drain auger usually has a corkscrew-shaped heat with a lengthy cable and is easier to maneuver. Either option will help you fix a deep clog without dismantling your pipes!

Five-Gallon Bucket

Out of every tool on this list, a bucket is probably the most important in an emergency. If you’re dealing with leaking or broken pipes, a bucket will be your best friend. A five-gallon bucket will collect plenty of drainages and help protect your floors and cabinets while you fix the leak. Bonus: it can double as your plumber’s toolbox!

Build a Plumbing Toolkit for Emergencies

When a pipe leak or a tough clog emerges, you’ll be wanting a plumbing kit. Keeping a few items on hand can help relieve a lot of stress. They’ll also work as a band-aid until a plumber can step in to fix the bigger issue! Some of these tools are plumbing-specific, but others can be found around the house.

Your DIY plumber’s toolkit should include a:

  • Five-gallon bucket
  • Set of rubber gloves
  • Roll of duct tape
  • Drain snake
  • Flange plunger
  • Cup plunger
  • Pipe, adjustable and strap wrenches
  • Plumber’s putty

The best part about this kit is that it can all stay in the bucket until you need it!

Professional Plumbing Care in Frisco, Texas

There are some emergencies that a DIY toolkit can’t fix – that’s where we come in! Earl’s Plumbing offers premier home plumbing services to homeowners in Frisco, Texas. Our reliable, hard-working technicians can handle any problem that may disrupt your plumbing. We handle interior and exterior plumbing, slab leaksgas lines and more.

If you’re in need of plumbing services, give Earl’s Plumbing a try!

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