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“I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing Earl’s Plumbing exceptional service. Today we had our two 13 year old tank water heaters replaced with a tankless system. Of the 3 contractors we received estimates from Brant from Earl’s by far gave us the best value quote and most thorough explanation. Additionally, on install day…Justin and his Partner Technician/installers were just amazingly knowledgeable and so very friendly! Not only did they install our new system in record time, they detected that our pressure regulating valve between the city water and our house was significantly reducing our water pressure. They also completed this work at the same time. Such wonderful/professional people. Earl’s Plumbing is exceptional. My new permanent solution for any future plumbing needs.”

“If needed, we will be calling Earl’s Plumbing again.  We recently found out we didn’t have a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) on our house that was built in 1993. The pressure was way too high coming into the house.  Called Earl’s and was given a quote over the phone. After checking with several other companies, they were the only ones to give us a confirmed price range. Called them back and they got us on the schedule the very next day.  The next day I received a text during the window of time I was promised with the name and qualifications of the licensed plumber who was on his way to our house. The plumber arrived and explained exactly what he was going to do and exactly what we needed to do (turn on faucets).  Several hours later he had us turn our facets off and open just one faucet on the tub. We then checked the pressure on all our faucets and we were good to go.  Because we didn’t have an access box in our flower bed prior to Earl’s work, the plumber had to dig up enough dirt to fit one in. There was a lot of excess dirt, so he asked if he could spread it around. If you ever need this service and you recently added mulch, I recommend you rake the mulch away. We need mulch, so the dirt spread around was fine with us. It may look a little rough in the pictures with dirt spread around, but I understand he’s a plumber, not a landscaper.  We have water at a pressure that won’t hurt our plumbing and we now have an easy access to turn off our water (hopefully we never have an issue that needs us to that)! Thanks Earl’s!”

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