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“Always a great job! I’m so thankful for the home warranty services provided. Nice guys that came out, kept things clean, and professional job well done.”

“Earl’s is a great company. Their home warranty is the best value I’ve found. Not only is it affordable, but they actually fix things when they break. Other home warranty programs we’ve tried seem to hide behind volumes of fine print that exclude almost everything from the warranty. Earl’s will show up, do the job right, and they stand behind their work.”

“I purchased and used Earl’s Home Warranty, an amazing program that paid for itself the first time I used it. All communications and service were handled with professionalism. Response time was very quick and the repairs were made in a very reasonable amount of time. The service provided by Earl’s HW is far and beyond any of the other home warranty providers. I tried others before and was very dissatisfied with the service provided and how long it took for the resolution and how much interaction was required by me in order to get them to respond and ultimately make the repair. I highly recommend the home warranty program provided by Earl’s. I will truly miss their program as we move to an area they do not service.”

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