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“Service performed: Reworked all supply piping above both 50 gallon gas water heaters, to replace prior poor installation by builder’s contractor and also due to heavy corrosion on one cold water supply line at the dielectric union. Replaced and relocated expansion tank due to improper sizing (a single 2.1 gallon tank for two 50 gallon heaters, replaced with a 4.5 gallon tank) and poor prior installation (tank strapped to wall). Brant at Earl’s Plumbing was very responsive and communicative. He had scheduled for both Jason and Justin to come out for this repair. We had discussed the best approach to resolve this issue and were glad that the heavily corroded dielectric union was able to be extracted and replaced. Very happy with Jason and Justin’s services today. They are both very approachable, professional and gained my trust for the repair. Would highly recommend this company for any plumbing needs! Kudos to Earl’s Plumbing for being a responsive and honest local plumbing company.”

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