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Tank Water Heater Repair in Plano

You may not understand very much about your water heater, but you don’t have to! Any time your system faces a repair, you have the very best Frisco plumbers on your side to help you get your unit in working order again!

Earl’s Plumbing is proud to serve the community with fast, effective water heater repairs. There are only a handful of things that can go wrong with a tank water heater, but we’re experts in all of them. Whether we can provide a simple repair or need to recommend replacement, trust that our team gets the job done right every time!

Common Water Heater Repairs

It should be noted that Earl’s Plumbing will NOT PERFORM WORK ON or REPAIR any water heater that’s 12 years old or older. We don’t want to take your money for what will likely be a short-lived or temporary solution. We don’t do Band-Aid repairs because they’re never in your best interest.

These are some of the most common reasons we’re called to repair a hot water heater in Frisco and the surrounding areas! Are you experiencing one of these problems? Call Earl’s Plumbing and find out today!

Gas Control Valves

The most common repair for a gas water heater is the gas control valve.  Not only is it the most common repair, but it’s also the most expensive repair outside of full replacement.  Probably 90% of gas water heater repairs are due to faulty gas valves. Because we know what brands and models fail most often, we carry the 4 most common gas control valves on every truck to expedite your repair.


Contrary to popular belief, water leaks from your unit aren’t a repair we recommend or perform often — primarily because a leak from your water heater requires a full replacement. If your unit is leaking water, it is likely a tank-related problem, which can’t be solved with a repair. That’s why you need a professional at your side when a repair pops up!

Home Sales

One reason that you might call us for a water heater repair even though everything seems to be working fine is for home sales. Home inspectors can be very difficult to work with when they think they’re experts in all areas of the home. Due to our connections with a couple of the larger realtors in the area, we see all kinds of inspection reports and buyers’ addendums. About 50% are spot on, and the other 50% don’t know what they’re talking about. Don’t worry! If you’re struggling with an inspector during the sale of a home, we have solutions for all of those repairs on every truck.

Expansion Tanks

These look like small propane tanks located either on top of your water heater or off to the side. They’re only required when a water system has been made into a closed loop.  What that means for our area is that if you have a PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) installed, then you’re required by code to have an expansion tank installed. This is for a traditional tank-type water heater set-up only. Expansion tanks are NOT required for tankless water heaters unless specified by the manufacturer.

How do you know if you have a PRV?  Well, unless you’ve had water pressure issues OR you’ve had one replaced, then you probably don’t know. A good rule of thumb is if your home was built after 1999, then it’s possible you have a PRV. If you live in Frisco, McKinney, Little Elm or Prosper, then you must have a PRV by city code. Plano is a maybe (less than 40%), and Allen is even slimmer (less than 15%).

Here are the most important things that you MUST know about expansion tanks:

  • It is a steel tank with water inside. Eventual failure is inevitable.  Be proactive.
  • They will NOT last as long as the water heater, and they must be changed periodically. We recommend every 3 years, but 5 years at a maximum.
  • Property damage by leaking expansion tanks is probably more common than a leaking water heater. The amount of damage depends on the seriousness of the leak (drip, spray, or full rupture).
  • They must be installed horizontally, and when NOT installed properly, they will fail at a higher or more frequent rate.
  • Improper installation can reduce hot water flow rates.

Once again, we recommend that you be proactive in replacing your tank water heaters and your expansion tank should this apply to you.

Recirculation Pumps

If you don’t have to wait for hot water at any of your fixtures, then your house probably has a dedicated recirculation line or some other type of system design (see above: “Recirculation Crossover System). What makes this system work is a small pump that pushes hot water through the lines under constant or timer-induced intermittent recirculation.

This pump will wear out over time. Especially if it’s running without a timer and pushing water 24/7. Please note that there’s no water wasted in this type of system — actually quite the opposite as you save thousands of gallons of water a year. Most of the better brand pumps (Grundfos and Taco) have a life expectancy of about 3 to 5 years, but we have seen them last far longer. In the end, the pump will go out or begin to be less effective and will need to be replaced.

When adding or replacing a recirculation pump, special consideration must be given to the size of the home. Houses over 5000 sqft. will likely need a slightly larger and stronger pump than standard. Homes over 5500 sqft. will definitely need a larger pump and homes over 7000 sqft. have an even larger pump that is required. Ultimately, a properly sized pump will prolong the life of the pump and the water lines while making the system work more effectively and efficiently.

Steam Generator Systems

These are found in homes that have the benefit of a steam shower. These systems are awesome but fairly expensive and very uncommon. Earl’s Plumbing has installed and repaired various brands of steam generator systems. If not regularly maintained by the homeowner, they will have to be removed/uninstalled, sent off to be reconditioned and then reinstalled by somebody who knows what they are doing — like Earl’s Plumbing.

Other Water Heater Repairs

Despite 90% (or more) of the repairable jobs being related to the gas control valve, there are still a handful of other items that will occasionally go bad on a tank water heater. We always carry multiple versions of various water heater parts on our trucks to complete the following repairs:

  • Temperature & Pressure Relief Valves (a safety feature commonly referred to as the “T&P”)
  • Pilot Assembly or Thermal Coupling (although this is commonly misdiagnosed, and it’s usually the gas valve)
  • Drain Spouts (we only use all brass ball-type valves)
  • Electric Water Heater Elements and Tune-Up Kits
  • Gas and Water Flex Lines
  • Water Heater Pans
  • Venting

Do You Need Water Heater Repair?

If your water heater is malfunctioning, producing poor quality water or not working at all, you may be experiencing one of the repairs mentioned above. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals at Earl’s Plumbing. We’ll get your system up and running in no time! Contact us today.

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