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Gas lines are an essential component of the infrastructure of modern society. At least half of the homes in the United States utilize natural gas in one way or another, and without the lines that deliver it, millions would be without heating, hot water or a way to cook.

At Earl’s Plumbing, we understand how important it is that your gas lines remain fully functional and free of faults. Quality gas line services can literally mean the difference between enjoying the warm comforts of your home and a potentially explosive disaster.

It’s our goal to keep you and your possessions safe from gas line mishaps with the highest standards in service and quality. We service jobs of all sizes and types — from commercial to residential, repair and replacement, the trained professionals at Earl’s are the last gas line plumbers you’ll ever need!

Common Gas Line Issues & How To Identify A Leak

Gas lines are pretty simple by nature. Their sole job is to provide a reliable pathway between source and destination. This simplicity is great for property owners and plumbers because it means that there are only two types of gas line issues that are really common. The two main types of gas line problems are:

  • Gas Line Blockages – Blockages in your gas line may be partial or complete and can greatly reduce the safety and efficiency of your system.
  • Gas Leaks – Leaks are where gas line issues become dangerous and occur when enough damage has occurred to a line to allow gas to escape.

Detecting Gas Line Leaks

If you suspect you may be dealing with a gas leak for any reason, it is important to immediately shut your gas supply off and contact a professional. These are the cases where it is absolutely better to be safe than sorry.

The first line of defense for any place that utilizes gas should be a gas leak detector. Just like a smoke detector alerts you of a potential fire, gas detectors are designed to detect minute traces of gas in the air and alert you of an issue.

Aside from the protection of specially designed equipment, there is some simple knowledge that could help anyone detect the signs of a gas leak. Some of the warning signs are:

  • Unexplained whistling or hissing noises – Like air being released from a balloon, these noises can be a sign of natural gas escaping from your system and need to be addressed immediately.
  • Rotten egg smells – Natural gas is naturally odorless. Luckily, companies treat most gas that is used by the public with a chemical that gives it the putrid odor of rotten eggs. While this may sound unpleasant, the smell creates a clear and obvious warning sign that natural gas is leaking from somewhere in your home.

If you feel like you’re dealing with any sort of fault in your gas system, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Earl’s Plumbing today! We’re fully trained and qualified to provide any and all services you could need and strive to provide the best San Angelo gas line repairs possible!

Gas Line Replacement

Nothing lasts forever, and the average gas line system lasts 30 years. A full gas line replacement is an extensive and potentially costly job. Earl’s Plumbing understands how stressful problems of this magnitude can be and is here to provide our customers with the most reasonably priced and consistent local gas line replacement possible.

If your system is experiencing regular issues and the time has come to get it replaced, don’t hesitate to call!

Save Some Dimes! Let Earl’s Plumbing Fix Your Lines!

Repair or replacement, whatever the situation, Earl’s Plumbing has your back for all of your gas line needs. You can trust our knowledge and experience to set you on the right path to finding the most affordable solution to your problem. If your gas or plumbing system is failing in any way, don’t hesitate to call Earl’s today!

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