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Frisco Whole-Home Water Filters

It’s easy to take our easy access to safe and clean drinking water at the simple turn of a tap for granted. However, did you know that even your tap water can be full of heavy metals, microplastics and other ingredients that you wouldn’t want in your body or around your home?

With a water filtration system installed by Earl’s Plumbing, you can take control of what’s in your home’s drinking water. Our team pinpoints the exact particles in your water that should be filtered out, and we’ll recommend the best filtration solution for your home. If you’re ready for pure water, let the Earl’s Plumbing team help you out!

What’s In The Water?

While your home’s tap water may appear to be free of contaminants, there are actually thousands of particles, elements and debris in the water that are invisible to the naked eye. Some of these are natural and won’t harm you, but others can pose serious risks. These unseen contaminants can include:

water quality
  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Microplastics
  • Chlorine
  • Sulfur
  • Bacteria
  • Carcinogens
  • Pesticides
  • Waste byproducts
  • Radionuclides (such as radium)

Each one of those contaminants on its own is a scary prospect, but together in your drinking water, they may pose a serious threat to your family’s health. Installing a water filtration system with Earl’s Plumbing will help ensure that your family is drinking the purest water possible, free of toxins.

Is Drinking Unfiltered Water Bad For My Health?

While it may seem that the water from your tap is clean, there are actually some dangerous substances lurking in unfiltered water that you might not be aware of.

Naturally occurring bacteria in the water can cause illnesses like norovirus and salmonella which can turn into serious health problems for the elderly and little ones. Microplastics can build up in the body and cause serious damage to the body’s organs as well as affect your hair, skin and nails. Chlorine can affect the taste and smell of your home’s drinking water. Pesticides can sneak into the drinking water supply of many major cities due to runoff from lawns and landscaping jobs and can pose a major risk to your health.

Our team at Earl’s Plumbing doesn’t want your home plagued by these problems, and we certainly don’t want you harmed by water you think is clean. That’s why we offer the best water filtration testing and services. We care about our community!

whole-home water filtration

What are the Benefits of a Home Water Filtration System?

Unless you own a well on your own property, it’s almost impossible to fully control what’s in your water without a home water filtration system. Even then, well water can carry its own downsides — like hard water.

Despite the city’s efforts to maintain a healthy standard of drinking water for the community, things do sometimes slip into the water supply. Additionally, Frisco’s level of acceptable presence of a chemical or mineral in the water may be too high for your family’s health or taste. Some chlorine present in the water is acceptable, but when it’s present at too high of a concentration, that may affect the taste of your drinking water in a negative way.

Home Water Filtration Systems

A whole-house water filtration system for your Frisco home can be an excellent way to take control of the health and safety of your family by knowing exactly what’s in your water. Water is central to many aspects of your home life like bathing, cooking, cleaning and, hydration. You can’t risk heavy metals, unwanted particles or even harmful chemicals in your water system.

Adding a home water filtration from Earl’s Plumbing lets you take control of what goes in and out of your home’s pipes. Earl’s Plumbing can install a system that uses the finest in filtration technology to strain out dangerous elements from your home’s water. We can ensure that what comes out of your tap is only the cleanest, safest and purest water available.

Why Choose Earl’s Plumbing?

Maintaining health and safety in your Frisco home is no easy job. Luckily, worrying about the water in your home will be a thing of the past with a home water filtration system installed by Earl’s Plumbing. Your home water filtration system will remove harmful bacteria, heavy metals and more from your home’s drinking water for a cleaner, richer and healthier glass of water each and every single time.

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