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Water Softener Installations in Frisco

Our homes require water for many things: cleaning, cooking, bathing and more. Here in Texas, our natural water is ranked in the top 10 hardest water in the country! That means all the water running through your plumbing, appliances and into your body has a high mineral count. Luckily, a water softener installation can reduce the effects of hard water and get your home feeling better instantly.

Earl’s Plumbing combats hard water in Frisco by providing effective water softener installations. We take care with your system, ensuring that your home starts receiving softened water as soon as possible. If you’re looking for a dependable water softener installation in Frisco, our team has your back!

Do I Need A Water Softener?

Water hardness is measured by high levels of naturally occurring minerals in the water. The North Texas Municipal Water District treats water from a number of local lakes, rivers and other water sources to direct into Frisco neighborhoods. Due to the high levels of minerals like calcium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate, iron and lime in that water, municipal water is considered to be “moderately hard”.

All of this means that your home will likely be affected by hard water if you don’t have a water softener. While these minerals aren’t harmful when ingested or to your inner health, they can have serious effects on your hair and skin as well as your plumbing and appliances. Here are some signs that you might be struggling with hard water in your home:

  • Dry, brittle hair
  • Itchy, dry or irritated skin
  • Stains on dishes
  • Limescale buildup on fixtures and pipes
  • Rough laundry
  • Cloudy tap water

If these symptoms are familiar, consider investing in a water softener. When these minerals are removed from your water, your entire home and family won’t have to fight the water they use in their daily lives. One simple system can achieve all of this, and our team at Earl’s Plumbing can make your installation process quick and easy!

How Do Water Softeners Work?

It’s best to know how your water quality systems operate so that you can understand the process that softens your water. One common misconception about water softeners is that they insert salt into your drinking water, but that’s not true! Water softeners require salts, but the actual salt is never added to your water — sodium is. Here’s how the system works:

  • First, there are two different tanks: the resin tank and the brine tank. The resin tank holds a bed of thousands of tiny resin beads that are positively charged with sodium (not salt!).
  • When the hard water enters this chamber, the negatively charged minerals are attracted to the beads. As the water moves past, the minerals are caught by the beads and removed from the water. This is when sodium is exchanged for minerals in your water.
  • Once a certain amount of water has been softened, the resin beads need to be recharged (or cleaned of all the negative ions). That’s when the brine tank flushes saltwater into the resin tank. The brine carries all the minerals away with it and leaves the resin bed positively charged with sodium once again.

All of this science occurs inside the softener, and you rarely have to worry about it once it’s set up. That’s another reason why professional water softener installation is such a great idea. You don’t want to have to worry about repairs and adjustments right after you install your new unit, and the best way to guarantee that is by having experts install the system in the first place.

Installing A Water Softener

You may be wondering if you really need a plumber to install your water softener. The answer is: it’s highly recommended. Whether you ‘re installing a softener in a new build or replacing your older unit, you need the expertise that professional plumbing teams bring to avoid any consequences or disasters. Plus, we already have all the necessary tools and expertise to make quick work of the installation.

Step 1: First, we prepare the plumbing system to be accessed. We shut off the water supply to your home and power down electric water heaters so that they aren’t compromised during the project. Next, we drain the water lines, opening all faucets to let the existing water exit the pipes. Once this is done, we’re ready to hook up the new unit.

Step 2: If we need to install a brine tank overflow grommet, we’ll take care of this first (not all water softeners require this piece). Then, we’ll get your water softener into place for installation. At this time, we make sure the system is level and won’t have issues being placed there.

Step 3: Next, we’ll cut into the main supply line. This requires special pipe cutters and caution for any water that may exit the pipe.

Step 4: Connecting the inlet and outlet ports is where many homeowners make a major mistake during DIY installation. If the ports aren’t connected properly according to how the water should flow, no softening will occur!

Step 5: The drain hose needs to be connected to the drain next. This allows the brine and minerals to be flushed away during regeneration. An overflow hose to ensure the brine tank never overflows is also connected to the drain at this time.

Step 6: Lastly, we complete the post-installation checklist to ensure your system is leak-free and ready to run.

  • Put salt into the brine tank
  • Put the system on bypass and turn on the water supply
  • Slowly open the bypass valve to allow water to enter the tank
  • Check for leaks
  • Plug in the water softener
  • Start a regeneration cycle

After that, we can help you configure the settings so that your system runs frequently enough to keep your water soft.

Ready For Easy Water Softener Installation?

Earl’s Plumbing is your premier option for water softener services. We work to install your new system efficiently and effectively, and we always put your satisfaction first. Our team can handle your installation with ease and get your water softer and healthier in no time. Give us a call today to speak with a customer service representative or to schedule your water softener installation!

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