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This special valve prevents backflow into your water!
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Professional RPZ Installation and Replacement from Earl’s Plumbing

Consistent access to municipal water is an often overlooked detail in many commercial industries. After all, the city supplies the water and as long as the taps run, everything is working as it should – right? Many commercial buildings and properties utilize irrigation systems, fire sprinklers, boilers and other elements that require mechanisms that prevent backflow.

One building’s plumbing may sound like a minor detail, but your commercial plumbing system can affect your entire community if it’s not maintained. For dependable, thorough RPZ installation and replacement in Allen, Frisco and other North Texas areas, turn to Earl’s Plumbing. Read on to learn more about commercial backflow devices and don’t hesitate to schedule your services with us today.

What Is RPZ?

RPZ, or reduced pressure zone, is a testable type of backflow device installed in “high-risk” applications. This style of backflow preventer is installed in commercial buildings and on properties that pose a high risk of cross-contaminating the city water supply. Commercial residences, car washes, hospitals and many other facilities are required to install and maintain RPZ for their business or property.

Without RPZ backflow preventer devices, in the event of a change in water pressure, water can flow backward through the plumbing and combine with municipal water. Car wash detergent, lawn herbicides, chemicals and hazardous waste materials have no place in your city’s drinking water. Installing and maintaining an RPZ keeps your business running smoothly and keeps the community safe and healthy.

How does an RPZ valve work?

RPZ valves are required when a building or property houses a fire suppression system, an irrigation system or a large boiler. RPZ valves prevent backflow – the reversal of the flow of water into the drinking water system as a result of a cross connection. In other words, backflow is water flowing in the wrong direction. Backflow preventers keep contaminated water out of the city’s water supply.

Some residential areas require backflow preventers for lawn sprinkler systems, but these valves are not the same caliber as an RPZ. Residential backflow preventers ensure water can only flow one way, while RPZ valves can physically discharge back-flowing water. If any of the check valves or the relief valve fails, your RPZ will dispose of the backflowing water. Many of today’s building designers and architects aim to install backflow preventers indoors, but with the risk of flooding and the huge footprint these devices present, it’s better that they stay outdoors.

RPZ Backflow Preventer Installation in Frisco

Knowing where RPZ should be installed is an important step in keeping your property, personnel and service technicians safe. An RPZ must be at least 12 inches above the ground but no higher than four feet above the ground. It is recommended to install your RPZ outside because this device is designed to discharge water through the relief valve in a worst-case scenario system failure.

Save yourself the headache and investment caused by avoidable flooding and property damage by installing your RPZ outdoors. Trust the professionals at Earl’s Plumbing to install your RPZ correctly so you can keep your business running efficiently and avoid backflow and cross-contamination.

Trust Earl’s Plumbing For Your Frisco RPZ Replacement

RPZ backflow preventers are found on the properties of food establishments, apartments, shopping malls and many other commercial facilities. These devices require annual maintenance checks and have a lifespan of 5-10 years. After five years, the seals and valves of your RPZ can deteriorate and lead to a system failure. Make sure you’re scheduling annual maintenance with a dependable plumbing team like Earl’s Plumbing.

At Earl’s Plumbing, our maintenance process is streamlined to give you top-quality services without wasting time. We have the industry expertise to test your RPZ backflow preventer to ensure it runs efficiently for its lifetime. We also work with transparency so you’ll understand what necessary repairs – if any – need to be performed on your RPZ assembly. To schedule your backflow preventer maintenance check or repair, reach out to our team!

Reach Out To Earl’s Today

Whether you’re running a car wash, a clinic, a golf course or other commercial business, your property needs to function safely. Let the team at Earl’s Plumbing take care of your RPZ installation or replacement to keep your plumbing running as it should – and keep contaminates out of North Texas drinking water! Thanks to commercial businesses, communities like Frisco, McKinney and other areas can thrive. So when you need professional plumbing services for your business, you need Earl’s. After all, we’re the good guys your neighbor told you about! Contact us today!

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