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Frisco Kitchen Faucet Installation & Repair

Your kitchen handles a lot for you and your family. From cooking and eating to washing dishes or simply gathering together, your kitchen needs to perform at all times. If your kitchen faucet fails, the entire day can be more difficult to navigate. That’s why an expert Frisco plumbing company is your best option.

Earl’s Plumbing is more than just a team of plumbers — we’re family-owned and operated. That means we treat your house like a home should be treated: with respect and professionalism. Our kitchen faucet repairs and installations are cutting edge and effective, returning your kitchen to an operable and enjoyable space. When you need kitchen faucet services, call Earl’s!

4 Faucet Repairs Frisco Homeowners Face

A kitchen faucet problem can be extremely annoying — and costly if left unaddressed for too long! You don’t have time in your busy life to be working around leaky, noisy or broken faucets. That’s why Earl’s takes care of faucet repairs quickly. Kitchen faucet repairs are one of the most common plumbing problems that Frisco homeowners face, so you can rest easy knowing that our team has just the solution for your faucet. These are some of the issues we repair on a routine basis.

Leaky Faucets and Handles

Leaking faucets are so common that many homeowners simply put up with them rather than try to figure out where the water seepage is coming from. In kitchen sinks, the O-ring is a common culprit. This piece of rubber is meant to create a water-tight seal inside the base of your faucet. If it’s worn out or out of position, it could be letting water leak out. Our experts know how to check all the washers and seals to find the source of your faucet leak fast.

Poor Water Pressure

Low water streams or misting water are both signs that your pressure is having problems. One of the first things to check is the aerator at the tip of your faucet. This small, screened piece can form a mineral buildup that blocks the flow of water. Try scrubbing the aerator with vinegar to remove this buildup. If this doesn’t work, you may have a problem deeper in your plumbing or within the faucet itself. Contact Earl’s for more precise faucet repair solutions.

Sticky Handles

If our kitchen faucet handles are difficult to move or are sticky, they likely have built-up residue inside. A plumber can disassemble the handles and clean out any debris that is keeping the handle from moving smoothly.

Loud Noises

Loud whistling or chattering noises can occur when the inner components of your faucet aren’t tightened or the washers installed are the wrong size. Again, it’s best to have a plumber take the faucet apart and make sure that all the pieces are in working order. They can then order replacement parts if necessary or recommend a replacement if the damage is too great.

Kitchen Faucet Installations in Plano

If your faucet is too damaged to repair or you just want to freshen up the look of your kitchen, a kitchen faucet installation could be your best option! There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right kind of faucet for your sink and countertop, and we wouldn’t want you to invest in a faucet that can’t be installed. That’s why our plumbers offer their expertise to your faucet installation. We may not be remodelers, but we can effectively replace faucets and get your kitchen back in working order!

You may pick out the faucet that you want to see in your kitchen, but we still have to get it installed and connected to the plumbing under your sink. We want to make sure the supply lines, drain lines, garbage disposal and shutoff valves are all properly operating together. Our plumbers will make sure your new faucet is installed correctly and ready to use before we leave.

McKinney’s Kitchen Faucet Team

Earl’s Plumbing aims to serve our Frisco community. That means addressing all your kitchen faucet concerns when you have them. If you have questions about kitchen faucet installations, repairs or upgrades, our team is the best. We provide solutions that work for you and we do it with a smile. Give us a call today to start your service request or to speak with a customer service representative!

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