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Toilet Repair and Installation in McKinney

Toilets are a necessity that can be taken for granted until they’re no longer working. Simple, yet complicated and so very needed when that time comes, if you know what I mean.

Toilets are probably the one item that you cannot — or at least don’t want to — go without.

A basic toilet repair is one of the most basic and common things we do as plumbers. It’s not uncommon for us to get calls from customers saying, “My toilet is not flushing” or “My toilet does not fill back up” or “My toilet just starts to randomly fill up even when nobody has used it.” And everyone has experienced the good ole “clogged toilet”! It can be disgusting or embarrassing, and sometimes both. If this happens to you, never fear! We’ve got you covered, and trust us, we’ve seen it all.


Basic Toilet Repair

A basic toilet repair for Earl’s Plumbing would consist of us replacing the toilet fill valve, flapper, and supply line. We always replace all three at the same time because we want to ensure everything is working properly when we leave.

Some plumbing companies refuse to do a basic toilet repair OR they just overcharge in hopes of avoiding the call. However, at Earl’s Plumbing, we take all plumbing jobs — both big and small. Even though it’s pretty basic, there are some tricks, tweaks, and adjustments that we teach our plumbers that will make the finished outcome much better. Even though it’s pretty basic, we’ve seen some DIY and handyman work that is pretty embarrassing. Those pictures make it to our “wall of shame” in the office.

Full Tank Rebuild Repair

Sometimes, the toilet “guts” are just too far gone to make a basic repair. Maybe the rubber parts are aged to a point that they don’t possess any more elasticity and the tank is leaking through to the floor. In that case, a full tank rebuild may be required. That’s the next level of a basic toilet repair.

We typically recommend a full toilet replacement before a full tank rebuild repair. This is because older toilets often don’t work with universal parts, and the labor is a lot more time-consuming. However, our plumbers will always analyze the situation and prescribe what’s best for your situation.

Why Is My Toilet Leaking From The Base?

Over 90% of these repairs are a direct result of bad workmanship and/or poor quality materials. We typically see this happen after a bad DIY, remodel or handyman install. Occasionally, the problem could have started years ago at construction and just hasn’t become visible until recently. Ultimately, improper installation is the primary reason for the bulk of these types of repairs, and many or most have to do with the flange and/or the flooring not being installed properly. There’s a proper workaround for this if you know what you’re doing, but that’s why we’re here!

toilet clogging

Toilet Clogging or Poor Flushing Power

This type of repair is NOT your “standard clog.” This is not your normal toilet repair. Poor flushing power is caused by low-quality parts. We usually see these problems on “builder grade toilets.”

How do I know if my toilet is poor quality?

  • Weak flushing
  • It takes a long time to flush
  • The water swirls for a long time

The toilet brands we see the most problems with are ProFlo, Mansfield, Gerber, Western and Vortens.

Of course, we replace other brands as well, but these are the ones our customers have the most problems with. We see firsthand issues with these toilets every day. We’ve even seen them flood entire houses on multiple occasions.

There’s no repair for a bad toilet.  There’s only one remedy for this, and that’s to replace the toilet with a quality brand.

Toilet Installation in Plano

As a service and convenience for you, Earl’s Plumbing stocks Kohler toilets in our shop, and we keep at least one Kohler toilet on every truck. We chose Kohler because of the quality of the product, the flushing power, and the relatively low price in comparison to comparable quality toilets. In other words, the Kohler toilet is an incredible value when you combine the overall quality, features, appearance, and price. However, their toilets combined with the slow close seat and proprietary “AquaPiston” flushing system have our overwhelming approval.

The Kohler toilet that we stock is traditionally the top-selling replacement toilet in America. However, we will install any toilet that you provide — we just ask that you inspect the toilet for damage upon being unloaded to avoid any unnecessary trips and charges.

Toilets that make installation more complicated such as heated seats, self-flushing, bidet sprayers, bolt-less designs, etc. would cost more than a basic install.  Conversely, lower-end, generic branded toilets that are of inferior quality and harder to assemble, install and level may end up costing more out of pocket than a slightly higher-priced named brand of superior quality.

Our basic toilet installation service includes:

  •   Removal, haul away and landfill disposal of old toilet
  •   Prep of the area, including cleaning of floor area and flange
  •   Inspection of the flange, water shutoff valve and flooring area
  •   Upgraded extra-thick, reinforced wax ring and new braided stainless steel toilet supply line
  •   Assembly, installation, leveling and water adjustments
  •   Properly caulked & sealed per code requirements
  •   We warranty the toilets that we supply for 1 year

Additional Services Recommended With Toilet Installation

Not included in the basic toilet install is the replacement of the water shutoff valve. Although it’s recommended that this important piece of equipment be replaced, as long as it functions or doesn’t form a leak during the normal on/off operation, Earl’s Plumbing would never require it to be replaced as some other commission-type companies do.

We strongly suggest replacing the shutoff valve if your home is older than 12 years, OR if the valve is of poor design and quality like the plastic threads, plastic stems or “PEX push & pull” types. As a convenience for you, we adjust the price accordingly for this extra work when done at the time of installation.

Flange repair, although rarely needed or required in homes less than 20 years old, is also NOT part of the basic install price. And this isn’t something that would be known or predicted until the old toilet is removed and can be visibly inspected. There are three levels of flange repairs that we have the ability to perform on the same visit, and each are priced accordingly based on level of difficulty and the materials required. Though rare, we can also handle brass flanges and “Lead Dutchman” flanges.

Additional Toilet and Bathroom Services

Earl’s Plumbing also offers other “toilet-type services” that are not associated with toilet repair or installation. Some of those are:

  •   Toilet leak dye testing
  •   Bidet installation
  •   Wall-mounted toilets and urinals
  •   All-in-one heated bidet toilets seats (customer provided)
  •   Shutoff valve replacement
  •   Flange repair or replacement
  •   Commercial flush valve repair and installation
  •   Commercial optical eye sensors
  •   Commercial toilet repair and installation
  •   Commercial urinal repair and installation

Why Choose Earl’s Plumbing For Toilet Repair?

At Earl’s Plumbing, our team is the real deal. Trained and experienced, we’re ready for plumbing problems big and small.

Our large, fully stocked trucks are organized and ready for your plumbing job. 98% of our plumbing jobs are completed in the same day and visit, preventing additional trip charges and fees.

If you’re ready to get started with toilet repair or installation, give Earl’s Plumbing a call!

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