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Water Leaks at the Meter

If your water meter leaks, you need a pro to repair it!
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Frisco Water Leaks At The Meter

With all the water that goes into washing laundry, dishes and bodies, plus drinking and cooking, you monthly water bill can be substantial. When you add unidentified water leaks to the pile, your plumbing could be costing you a fortune in wasted water! Your main water meter is the device that’s responsible for measuring how much water is funneled to your home. This means that your water meter is vulnerable to developing leaks too.

Luckily, Earl’s Plumbing has a team of master leak detectors that can help repair your water meter. You can’t afford for water to be escaping from your water meter before even reaching your home, and we can make sure the leak is sealed as soon as possible. Our plumbers are dedicated to your plumbing needs and satisfaction. Let us do what we do best!

How Do Water Meters Work?

Your water meter is usually located where the main water line to your home branches off from the municipal water line. Many water meters can be found near the street or sidewalk, covered by a metal lid. Other water meters can be found on the side of your home, so take a look around if you’re not sure where your meter is located.

Inside the water line is a mechanical impeller that rotates as water pushes past it. The meter is designed to measure the flow rate of the water, based on the rotations of this impeller. This is how the city knows how much water enters your home, but they can’t tell how that water is used or if it’s leaking out before it reaches you!

How Can I Tell My Water Meter Is Leaking?

Your water meter is located outside, and usually out in your yard — this makes recognizing a leak at the meter more difficult. Most of the time, signs of water meter leaks are subtle, but they could be costing you a lot in wasted water. It’s a good idea to check out your water meter periodically for signs of water leaks. This is the best way to avoid hidden leaks and maintain the health of the meter.

Some of the more obvious signs you may see when a leak is happening are:

  • Puddled water around your water meter
  • Water trickling straight from the meter
  • Sudden increases in your water bill

If you suspect a water meter leak, it’s important to observe the situation to ensure a leak is the source of the problem. For example, recent rain or watering could cause puddling around the meter. An expert plumber will be able to evaluate your meter thoroughly and determine if it’s the source of your leak.

water meter

How To Access My Water Meter

Water meters can be designed differently, but you should be able to access yours fairly easily with a few tools. Once you’ve located the metal lid covering the meter, examine it to see what tools you’ll need to open it. Some require only a screwdriver or a pair of pliers. Others require a special water meter key that can be purchased at most home improvement stores — it looks like a long rod with a “T” or a handle on one end.

Once the lid is opened, you’ll see the meter. It will either be a triangle or a black and white pinwheel.

When the triangle or pinwheel moves, that means water is running through the pipes. Unfortunately, this will only tell you that water is running toward your home, not if any of the water is leaking on the way there.

This is where a professional plumber is essential. Our team brings specialized cameras and pressure tools to identify leaks in your meter or pipes that you can’t see.

Is A Water Meter Leak My Responsibility Or The City’s?

Many homeowners aren’t aware that they’re responsible for most of  the plumbing on their property. If you notice a severe water meter leak, shutting off the water to your home is your first step. If you’re uncomfortable doing this yourself, we recommend calling the city. The Frisco Meter Division will visit your home, shut off the water and inform you if the water meter leak is their responsibility or yours — all for FREE.

95% of the time water meter leaks end up the homeowner’s responsibility. That’s where Earl’s comes in! We’ll be happy to help find the source of the leak and repair your water meter to get your water turned back on and safely transported into your home.

Call Your Neighbors At Earl’s Plumbing in McKinney!

At Earl’s Plumbing, we put our customers in the highest priority because that’s what they deserve. If you suspect that your water meter is leaking, don’t waste time. Call the city or the plumbing team at Earl’s — we’ll have the answers to your questions and the solutions to your problems. Contact us today to schedule a water meter repair!

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