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Yard & Barn Hydrants

Easy access to water in your yard for outdoor activities!
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McKinney & Frisco Yard & Barn Hydrants

Yard & Barn Hydrants

Yard and barn hydrants are convenient pieces of equipment that allow consistent water access year-round. Simply put, it is an outside tap. Traditionally used in rural areas, these hydrants can also be installed at campgrounds, on acreage and even in residential areas. Because they’re installed below the frost line, yard hydrants can provide water even if the outdoor temperatures reach below freezing.

The team at Earl’s Plumbing is here for North Texas residents in Frisco, McKinney and surrounding areas. We can service, repair or replace your barn hydrant to give you dependable access to water season after season. For more information or to schedule your barn hydrant service, reach out to us today!

What Is The Purpose Of A Yard Hydrant?

Yard hydrants provide a water source in places where access may be limited or lacking. Historically, this style of hydrant was often used to water livestock or provide water to fields or holding pens. Nowadays, they’re often utilized for large gardens or expansive lawns that require consistent watering. In fact, some homeowners choose to install yard hydrants next to their driveway to easily wash their cars.

A well-placed yard hydrant eliminates the need for dragging a garden hose across your property. Gone are the days of the need to join multiple hoses together, which often results in leaks and wasted water. Although you may not have given any thought to a yard hydrant for your Frisco home, after you install one, you may find yourself wondering how you ever lived without it.

How Does A Barn Hydrant Work?

A barn or yard hydrant is a simple machine that ties into the water supply line below ground. It is installed deep enough to let the drain spout release below the frost line when the hydrant is turned off. Because of this, the risk of freezing is eliminated, making it possible to have access to running water year-round.

A plunger sits at the base of the connecting rod and allows water from the supply line to travel up the pipe when the handle is lifted. When the handle is lowered, the plunger sits on the valve body seat to stop the flow of water. This clears the way for water in the pipe to drain out of the drain port and into a drain bed – generally an area of crushed stone.

The worker is installing a plug on the pipe of the built-in faucet.

Common Yard Hydrant Repairs

Common Yard Hydrant Repairs

Leaking from the top – This type of leak could indicate a worn or damaged faucet stem washer assembly, the vacuum breaker or a loose retaining nut. Our team can thoroughly inspect your hydrant to identify the source of your leak before working to repair it as soon as possible.
A broken plunger – It is possible to disconnect the plunger when repairing the pump rod yourself. The mechanism is easy to turn and the elements can become loosened and disconnected inside the rod. If you’ve been working on your hydrant yourself and need assistance with a broken plunger, reach out to our team.
Hydrant leaking underground – One of the most common causes of this is an old or worn plunger. It could also be from a leak in the drain hole. Turn to the Earl’s Plumbing team to help pinpoint the exact cause and get your hydrant repaired efficiently.

Hydrant won’t start – There are many reasons why this issue may occur, like corrosion, an unscrewed plunger, cracks in the pipe and more. Save yourself the headache of searching for the source yourself and reach out to the professionals on our team.
External corrosion – Over time the material of your yard hydrant can break down, weakening the entire system. Let our team help repair or replace your barn hydrant to get your watering routines back to normal.
Low water pressure – This is generally caused by an underground break. To fix this problem effectively and in the long term, you need professional plumbing help. Contact us at Earl’s Plumbing to schedule your service.

Repairs vs. Replacements

On the rare occasion your frost-free yard hydrant succumbs to damage, our team is ready to help you. You can rely on dependable, long-lasting plumbing repairs from Earl’s Plumbing. We’re here for residents in Frisco, McKinney and other North Texas areas. We can repair all styles and models of yard and barn hydrants to keep your animals, property or garden well-watered for years to come.

Sometimes extensive damage or age can require you to replace your hydrant. Our team works hard for our customers to install new yard hydrants and get their water running in no time. For new installations or hydrant replacements, turn to the professionals at Earl’s Plumbing. We get the job done right in a safe and efficient way. Contact us today!

Your Yard Hydrant Made Easy With Earl’s Plumbing

Whether you need to irrigate acres of land, easily wash your vehicle from your driveway or fill a stock tank, a yard or barn hydrant is the perfect solution. Let the professional team at Earl’s Plumbing repair, install or replace your North Texas yard hydrant. For trusted plumbing services you can depend on, you need Earl’s. Reach out today!

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