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Professional McKinney Fixture Replacement from Earl’s Plumbing

A restroom can only work as well as its fixtures function. Without efficient spigots and faucets, your restroom isn’t more than a box with unfinished pipes in the walls. Increase the efficiency of your facilities with fixture replacements from our team.

The plumbers at Earl’s Plumbing can install, repair or replace fixtures for your North Texas business. From Plano to Prosper and areas in between, we’re here to provide top-quality plumbing services for our community. Whether you’re running a school, assisted living facility, hotel, hospital, shopping mall, food processing plant, restaurant or another type of business, Earl’s Plumbing is here for you.

Common Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures move water from one area to another, with the three most common bathroom fixtures being faucets, spigots and taps. In a commercial setting, restroom facilities need fixtures that are long-lasting and can withstand mistreatment. Often, visitors to public facilities don’t treat fixtures with the same respect they’d treat their home restroom.

For that reason, commercial bathroom fixtures need to last, with minimal upkeep and repair. The Earl’s Plumbing team works with durable, heavy-duty materials that can withstand the test of time, require only occasional repairs and come with optional tamper or vandal-resistant features.

Efficient Washroom Fixtures

Having access to washroom facilities can help keep your customers, employees and clients safe and healthy. With dependable fixtures from our team, your restroom can accommodate an influx of visitors keen on staying clean. Here’s a handful of washroom fixtures we offer:

Faucets – From metering to manual, even motion sensors, our team can install all makes and models of commercial faucets.
Lavatories and sinks – Choose from any design to fit your business – from single pedestal to multi-sink vanity – and our team can install it for you.
Wash fountains – Popular in airports, arenas and universities, wash fountains are a great option for your commercial space.
Showers – Keep your residents, students or athletes clean with a dependable shower installation from Earl’s Plumbing

With so many options for your commercial washroom, let our team work with you to make the right decision. We believe in working with transparency and we never cut corners. For more information or to schedule your fixture replacement, reach out to our team today.

Stay hydrated in McKinney, TX

In addition to clean, accessible facilities, many commercial spaces are required to have available drinking water for visitors and staff. With options from our team, you can keep your employees, clients and guests hydrated season after season. Here are some of the products we can replace in your space:

Bottle filling stations – A modern alternative to traditional water fountains, this design has a spigot with built-in sensors for filling a reusable water bottle.
Drinking fountains – With options like solo level or bi-level, you can outfit your commercial space with a reliable source of clean drinking water.
Access to safe drinking water is a necessity – especially in a hot climate like North Texas. With help from the Earl’s Plumbing team, water will always be at your fingertips.

Find Relief In Frisco

Arguably the most important element in a commercial restroom, and the one owners enjoy talking about the least – the toilet. Our plumbers are pros at replacing broken bathroom fixtures, including commodes and urinals. Here’s a peek at some of our services:

Toilets – Whether your space has a single toilet or multiple restrooms, we can replace your toilets so they run like a dream.
Urinals – Keep your facilities efficient and functioning well with urinal replacements from Earl’s Plumbing.
Bidets – A lesser-known appliance that’s growing in popularity, bidets can be found in hotels and other high-end commercial areas.

Here at Earl’s Plumbing, we believe in the positive impact of a clean, safe and efficient restroom. Let our trusted bathroom fixture replacements bring your facilities back up to high standards.

Specialized Fixtures With Earl’s

Not all fixtures were built the same, and they weren’t all designed to perform the same job. For specialized commercial businesses, our team can replace your unique equipment to keep your business running smoothly. These fixtures can include:

Service sinks – Used in restaurants, hotels and other businesses that require frequent mopping.
Floor sinks – Eliminate the risk of avoidable falls and injuries from leaks coming from beneath equipment with a floor sink.
Emergency eyewash – Keep your employees or occupants safe by providing an eyewash station.
Hand dryers – Maintain an eco-friendly outlook by eliminating paper waste and opting for a hand dryer in your commercial bathroom.
Soap dispensers – An important detail for every commercial restroom, choose from in-sink models, wall mounted, foaming, touch-free and more.
With comprehensive replacement services from our team, your commercial facilities can run efficiently for years.

Reach Out To Earl’s Today For McKinney Fixture Replacement

For dependable, trusted fixture replacements in Frisco, McKinney and surrounding areas, choose Earl’s Plumbing. Our team can replace commercial fixtures for businesses across North Texas. Let us show you the difference our services can make in your space. Reach out to schedule your replacement today!

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